domain mapping: what's supposed to happen after user ads custom domain?

I believe I've followed all install instructions. latest wp and plugin. using subdomains multi-site option.

the question is: what's supposed to happen after user ads custom domain under Tools > Domain Mapping. when user from blog goes in there and enters the "Custom Domain" nothing happens. page refreshes and nothing. I feel like perhaps a row should be added in that table showing what the user just entered. but nothing... i just want to know what's supposed to happen so i know if something is wrong.

  • roberte

    hi there. thanks for the reply. i'm trying to trouble shoot this. my question has to do with from the non-super admin user pov when they go into Tools > Domain Mapping after they created an A record for their mapped domain and enter a "Custom Domain" and click "Add", what should that user see? Intuitively, I feel like that table where they just entered their custom domain should update with a new row showing the custom domain they just entered and their original blog address in the next column. Testing my install, after entering the custom domain, and clicking "Add", the page refreshes but no new row... i'm guessing this indicates that it's not registering.

    then, when i type the custom domain into a browser, it does in fact redirect to my MU site, but to the homepage.

    i read somewhere about the super admin having to park domains and such at the MU install site's host, but that seems pretty manual. i thought the point of this was so that once it's set up, it is solely on the users to set up their A record and add custom domain into the Tools > Domain Mapping and voila...

    hope i'm making sense. let me know if you need any clarification. in my Super Admin options at the bottom, I have my dedicated IP entered, supporters only set to "no", and have tried all the "Administration Mapping" options.

  • roberte

    alright. revisiting this now. @aphrodite. yes i triple checked everything.

    i just installed the latest updated domain mapping plugin hoping this time will work.

    here's the thing. for some reason, on a sub blog, when i enter the custom domain, nothing happens. the table does not update with what i just entered. HOWEVER, in the super admin panel, when i enter a custom domain, the table does update. AND it actually seems to be working!

    BUT, it's not much use to me if i can't get it to work for sub blogs.


    actually, doing all this made me think of another question. say user A knows that user B is mapping user Bs custom domain to their subblog. then, user A also enters user Bs custom domain in their domain mapping admin. what happens??

  • roberte

    hmmm. ok. in the instructions from the domain mapping admin. just a little confused. so does the subblog user have to create BOTH an A record and CNAME? i'm confused about the first sentence below...

    right now i have an A record for my custom domain pointing at my IP. but no CNAME. maybe that's why i can only get it to work on the main domain and not subblog?

    "If your domain name includes a sub-domain such as 'blog' then you can add a CNAME for that hostname in your DNS pointing at this blog URL.

    If you want to redirect a domain you will need to add a DNS "A" record pointing at the IP address of this server:"

  • roberte

    re: the user A and B mapping same custom domain, i THINK it basically looks to see if a entered custom domain is already mapped, and if not, then it does nothing...

    another domain mapping question.

    if you enable it only for supporters, what happens when they don't continue subscription?

    based on some preliminary tests, it looks like the custom domain continues to be active. if that's the case, then too bad... for my community this'll be the reason enough to keep paying... if this is how it is right now, is there a way to change this by hacking the domain mapping plugin files?

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