Domain Mapping: Where do I point the name server?


I've set up the domain mapping plugin and all seems well so far. my mu site is hosted with and has a dedicated IP address. My domain is managed by digital pacific.

I have created a sub site ( and have gone into the domain mapping area for this site and entered the domain I want to map and it saved as the custom domain. The domain name is hosted at crazydomains.

The domain hasn't mapped, it is still going to the crazydomains splash page. Do I need to change the name server at crazy domains? I tried entering my (dedicated) IP address for my main site but it wouldn't accept it without the host name. I've asked my web host about that but I'm not actually sure If this is what I need to do to make it map.

No idea if this is relevant but for my main domain settings ( I have: CNAME
* A (my dedicated IP)

really appreciate your assistance.


  • tbennett04

    Hey Elise,

    I'm not familiar with the company but here is how I would set this up:

    If your domain company will host your DNS, I would keep it there. It requires a lot of memory to run a DNS server, so if Digital Pacific will house it and simply let you host it elsewhere, I would go that route. Typically a domain company will host your DNS and your email for like $15 a year.

    If this is the case, you should be able to simple point your A record to your hosting provider. Your CNAME here should just be an alias and won't matter. Your hostname would be

    Note that if you made any changes your Name Servers, it could take them 24-48 hours to propagate.

    May I ask why you are using a plugin for this? Maybe I'm missing something.

  • Elise

    Hi tbennett04,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I'm using the domain mapping plugin with the pro sites plugin so that when users create their own site under my mu site they have the option to use their own domain name rather than use the original url which is a sub domain of my site.

    So, the main mu site is

    One of the sub sites is

    The domain mapping plugin gives the user the option to use their own domain so in this case I've selected to use my domain for the site hosted at

    My question is, now that I have set up the plugin and entered in the domain mapping section of the custom url of, what do I do next to make it work as the domain is still coming up with the splash page of the company where I purchased the domain?

    I'm assuming I need to change the name server details for as it is currently pointing to and I just don't know what I'm supposed to put there?

    Just for further clarification: (multisite installation) is hosted with:
    The domain name has DNS hosting with: Digital Pacific (for $10/year) is hosted on: domain is parked with:

    Pretend I'm a customer who has purchased a pro site from and I want to use my own domain which is I've entered my url in the domain mapping section but what do I do next to make it work?

    Thanks heaps,

  • Elise


    Yes I've read the instructions several times and have just read it again. The instructions end after it says "In here you can add the domain to be mapped to your sub site. Once you click add then thats all you need to do from WordPress."

    This doesn't work though. tbennett04 is suggesting that the need to point their A record to the IP address but the instructions say they only need to enter the custom domain.

    I would need to purchase dns hosting to be able to change the A record however, when I spoke to the domain register they said to change the name server to the hosts name server. I've done that but it's still not working, hasn't been 24hours.

    It mentions the A record if you want to map a sub domain - oh bloody hell I've just noticed hidden in that paragraph about mapping the a record for top level domains.

    So this means I have to get dns hosting and change the A record?

    It would be much more user friendly if the instructions were written as steps not as a story. If it were more like a check list it would be easier to follow as you'd complete a step and move to the next. The point about the top level domain didn't even have a sub header so I've scanned past it thinking it was part of the bit about sub domains and therefore thought it wasn't relevant to me.

    I appreciate the good support you guys give, much better than my 'premium' web hosting which doesn't even have after hours or weekend support argh.

    So, please confirm if I do have to change the A record and that is my issue.


  • PC

    Hello Elise,

    Greetings and thanks for posting back.

    Your feedback regarding the documentation is appreciated and I will look forward to make it more user friendly.

    So, please confirm if I do have to change the A record and that is my issue.

    Yes, you would need to add an A record as that is what will tell the mapped domain which site to call.

    You can view the records of my domain ( and (mapped) and you will notice that there is an A record pointing to my hosting IP

    Its also mentioned on the plugin settings page in your site too

    If you want to redirect a domain you will need to add a DNS "A" record pointing at the IP address of this server:

    So this means I have to get dns hosting and change the A record?

    Really ? Doesn't your registrar allow you to make a basic change such as adding an A record and you have to buy dns hosting for the same ? No Idea who would do that ? Where have you got the domain registered from ?

    I hope that helps.

    Cheers, PC

  • Elise

    Hi PC,

    Thanks for the info. I did see that in the settings page but I think when you don't completely understand how all the technical stuff with hosting and domain names etc work then it's easy to be lead astray. I spoke to the domain registar twice and they told me I didn't need to do that argh.

    Yep they make you pay $18/yr ( and I've had to do this with another registrar (Digital Pacific). I also noticed that charges for this also, it must be the Australian companies charging. Who do you use? I'd like to allow users to register a domain from my site but not sure this is possible, definitely don't want them having to buy dns hosting.

    So, I just sucked it up and paid for the dns hosting as I've lost too much time already and just need to get it working. I've learned some good lessons though.

    Who do you use for hosting? Looks like I'll be changing that also as I'm paying $55/month and they don't even provide after hours or weekend support.

    Thanks so much. I'm just waiting for the changes to propagate - I'll let you know if it's working. I can still access the back end so will keep working while I wait.


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