Domain Mapping - why site is using mapped domain?

This is probably a simple question for anyone to answer who knows.

I have 5 sites that are set to direct to the original domain name, with mapped domains,


to its original domain

Sure enough, the mapped domain re-directs to the original subdomain in a browser. My question is, why is that the permalinks and my seo use the mapped domain?

  • Rich

    This is interesting. It may also offer some insight to a previous unsolved problem with my domain mapping plugin, when ever I try to use the exclude page function it does not work and comes up with the error message of too many redirects (example page below).

    Likewise, if I select force ssl and exclude page on a site mapped to use domain mapping as its url name (to be able to take advantage of a wildcard ssl on its original sub-domain say for a woo commerce checkout page), get the same redirect loop.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard,

    I hope you're doing fine today!

    As for this unsolved issue with DM. Is there already any thread of yours on our forum regarding the issue? I'm pretty sure that these are not closely related issue and handling it as a separate thread would be much more efficient. That said, if there's such a thread could you please share a link with me here? Otherwise, please create one.

    As for sitemaps issue. I've noticed that you're using SEO plugin from Yoast. I tried to find some more information on how does it handle mapped domains but couldn't actually find any solid/conclusive answers.

    I have however spoke to our Domain Mapping developer and it turns out that there's a chance that our Smart Crawl ( will support that. Its developer says that both plugins should be able to exchange "handshake" on this.

    That said, please keep an eye on this thread and I'll keep you updated on this.

    As a workaround, the proven way is to use external software to create sitemaps for sub-sites. It's not that convenient and automatic but should do the trick.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard!

    Thank you for your replay!

    As for previous thread. I took a look and I can see that one of the members of our community has given you some ideas on how to solve this. I understand that this didn't work. However, could you please update that other thread (possibly giving as much details as possible on what were the effects of applying those solutions)?

    This will help us respond faster and we won't miss any important information.

    I have installed the smart crawl plugin, any pointers would be appreciated. If it is possible on a site per site basis to change the seo to use domain mapping (client sites)
    or the subdomain url.

    You can use SmartCrawl on "per-site" basis. In order to do this you will want to first select which options should be made available for sub-site admins (there's a check-box for this on every "config screen" of SmartCrawl in your Network Admin) and then add this line to your "wp-config.php" file:

    define( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false );

    This should be added somewhere above this line:

    /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

    Please note though that I never said that SmartCrawl already picks up mapped domains. I'm sorry if I caused confusion here. As I mentioned before, I talked to Domain Mapping developer (and also to SmartCrawl developer today) and they said that it's possible now to add this feature (Domain Mapping <-> SmartCrawl communication) to the plugin, therefore they'll work on this and I'll surely let you know immediately once this is implemented. I'm not able though to give you any ETA on this, so it would be great if you could keep track of this thread.

    Kind regards,

  • Rich

    This is nothing to do with the smart crawl, and thanks for your detailed instructions and explanation.

    I have noticed something which may indicate why the permalinks, yoast seo plugin, and why the exclude function from the domain mapping doesn't work (redirect loop).

    Whilst looking at the system information for my woo commerce plugin, it shows that the home url is set to mapped domain. This is not what is listed in the settings for the site, it is set to the subdomain address (networkadmin-sites-settings. Its the same on every subdomain with domain mapping active.

    I also apparently have a 302 redirect on the site to Redirect loop . No idea where this redirect is coming from?

    Hoping that some more clued up people could possibly offer some reason for both of these?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard!

    This is nothing to do with the smart crawl, and thanks for your detailed instructions and explanation.

    I was referring to SmartCrawl (and Yoast Seo) in terms of SEO only (e.g. original domains used for sitemaps instead of mapped ones).

    As for permalinks and redirection.The redirect may be caused by a few various reasons but I'd definitely check .htaccess first. If there's no redirect, you will most likely want to check your database manually and search for homeurl and siteurl starting with http://

    Kind regards,

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