Domain Mapping with CNAMES showing Apache Cpanel Screen

I'm at my wits end--- I've used Domain Mapping on several multi site installs and it's worked fine- I'm sure I'm missing something but I just cant figure it out.

I have the following configuration

Multisite installed to use subdomains
an * wildcard pointing at the IP

all sites ARE WORKING-

Domain Mapping is installed.

I set up a CNAME for pointing to

This works on other installs but not here--- when i type in i get the Apache configuration screen from my host instead of the that I am expecting.

I've stored in the domain mapping field on the sites settings- and i have no clue why this is not working.

Any ideas?

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    Hello and thanks for being a WPMU member :slight_smile:

    I have zero luck with domain mapping, so I'm afraid I am of no help. However I need to learn so I'm stopping by to subscribe to see what some of the more senior folks say!

    Best of luck! These guys here are great, you'll get a fix quickly


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    Greetings arrangingpixels,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    I set up a CNAME for pointing to

    Where did you set the cname, at Go Daddy or in your hosting cpanel?

    If it is on your hosting server I suspect that DNS is sending your domain into a loop because it cannot resolve, you may want to try from Go Daddy DNS to send it to the server.

    The Domain Mapping plugin was never designed to map sub domains to sub domains. It was primarily designed to map TLD's (Top Level Domains i.e.,, etc.) to sub domains.

    I recommend to first erase the cname from your server and then set the cname at Go Daddy. It will take 6 or more hours to propagate so do not think it does not work instantly - this should be a viable solution to get this handled.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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