Domain Mapping: with SSL

Hi everybody,

Just read through some of the discussions I found about the combination of Pro-Sites, Domain Mapping and SSL. Some of the points are not entirely clear to me, so I hope it is ok if I open up another thread.

In the following thread quite a few information is mentioned but I am not sure what is possible and what not:

1) Multisite (Subdomain) Setup, Prosites and Domain Mapping > each site should have the option to have a store and therefore would also need SSL on certain pages like the checkout page. The solution I read about as well is to unmap certain pages so that all sites would for example use the same checkout page, would not work in my setup.

> from what I read this seems possible with a multi-site SSL (my host provider does not allow wildcard SSL)

> but someone also mentions in the post above: “From my experience you can’t map a domain to another one that has a ssl on it. It warns the user that this may be a phishing scam ect..”

So what would you say?

Is it

A) a hassle to setup, not cheap but doable (does it require changes to the mapping plugin?) or

B) not doable at all because it is not possible to map to a domain with SSL on it?

Best wishes, Nic