Domain mapping + WordPress 3.5beta1 = errors with tinymce

I noticed a problem where when I go to either edit or create a new post or page that I am not able to add any content to the tinymce editor. The visual and txt buttons do not work and I can’t get the mouse to even focus in the editor.

I am using WordPress 3.5beta1(nightly svn)

Now this only happens on a domain that I am actually using domain mapping on.

If I use the ‘’ then it does not work, but if I use the actual then I an use the editor just fine.

Just something to look into.

The error is tinymce is not defined..

ReferenceError: tinymce is not defined

[Break On This Error]

…{var sl=tinymce.ScriptLoader;sl.markDone(url+’/langs/’+lang+’.js’:wink:;sl.markDone(u…