Domain Mapping workflow Question – where to set up Records

I set up the domain mapping for 3 other Domains using different Name Registrars at the beginning of the year.

Everything has been working fine but earlier

today I was reviewing your article: The Ultimate WordPress Domain Mapping Plugin Just Got Better

and decided to double check my Settings.

Although its working – can you clarify where you set up the A and CName records?

The article seems to instruct setting the records up on the Name Registrar.

However my setup had the records created on my multisite hosts DNS xone editor after parking each domain name.

The only chance I made on the Registrars side was changing the Name Server.

Which implement is correct?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Michael!

    If you already got a dedicated IP that’s properly configured to work with Domain Mapping (so the IP – when typed in into the browser address bar actually loads – not redirects to it – the main site of multisite) it actually doesn’t matter much whether you set A records at registrar or your server (with parked domain).

    The suggestion to set it in registrar system has more of a “usability” sense rather than performance/compatibility. If you let your users setup their own sites on you Multisite and map their own domains, they’ll want to set A record in the registrars DNS because they most likely don’t have any access to your server in order to park the domain and you probably wouldn’t want to do it for them each time they map the domain. All you’d need to do would be to tell them the IP.

    Other than this, there’s no preference as DNS system works the same way regardless whether A is configured at registrars system or your server :slight_smile:

    Do I still change the Name Server setting to the host of my multisite?

    If you keep the domain at the registrar and set the A record there, there’s no need for this.

    What about CName?

    No need to change this as well though you might want to use it to add www prefix to the domain.

    Best regards,


  • mjkessel
    • Recruit

    Thanks for the reply Adam- it was helpful.

    Just so I’m clear on everything:

    The Mapped Domain I’m working on now is registered with Godaddy.

    My Multisite Host is Siteground.

    My Plan is the Shared Hosting GrowBig – with a Dedicated IP Addon.

    I changed the Nameservers on Godaddy to go to Siteground.

    I have the Domain Parked (Which I believe is suggested for Shared Hosting Plans).

    Everything is working Fine – but what confuses me is all the documentation saying to change the A record on the Registrar.

    Since I have the Name Server already going to Siteground – Godaddy displays a notice saying Records can’t be changed.

    Advanced DNS Settings on Siteground –

    I want to make sure the Records I correct – it was all generated automatically – I didn’t have to add or edit any Record (which is confusing if I follow the directions)

    The A Records goes to my dedicated IP

    and the CNAME Records goes to the Mapped Domain Name

    Is that correct?

    What should I do if I want to create a subdomain of the Mapped Domain?

    Should I create a single subdomain and point the CNAME to my Subsite – or will adding a Wildcard Subdomain that points to the Root work as well?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Michael,

    If a current setup is working for you, there’s no need to change it. All the options in Domain Mapping docs are “alternatives” – so it’s either A record setup or CNAME or add-on/parked domain but not all of them at once.

    If you want to switch to A record setup from “parked domain” setup you can do this as long as these requirements are met:

    – the IP is a dedicated IP

    – it is used solely for one Multisite

    – it’s “root folder” (otherwise known as a “document root” too) is set to point to the “root folder” of the main domain of the multisite (the way that if you type IP in a browser address bar, it loads the main site of your network).

    In such case the only thing you need to do is to point A record at registrars DNS to that IP but then that mapped domain shouldn’t be added as add-on/parked domain to your server and nameservers at registrar should be just default ones.

    As for creating “subdomain of mapped domain”. Can you elaborate a bit on what you wish to achieve? I’m not sure if I follow you on this one.

    Best regards,


  • mjkessel
    • Recruit

    Can you please advise me on how to set up SSL for My Multisite with 3 additional Domains Mapped.

    I have the Siteground Hosting Plan – “Grow Big” with a Dedicated IP. I tried The “Let’s Encrypt Tool” in Siteground’s Control Panel – but it’s only working for the Primary Domain.

    I get an Error when I try to enable SSL on one of the Parked/Mapped Domains.

    If I try the force SSL in the Domain Parking Plugin – I get a Google Privacy Error.

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