Domain Mapping – WPMU DEV (bugs / features?)

This is unrelated to the domain-mapping setup issues of the other thread.

Issue 1: All blogs are still accessible under the un-mapped path. This should automatically 301 redirect to the new (domain-based) url.

The blog does work under the mapped url, but I want it to ONLY work under the mapped URL (for seo reasons). With the original domain mapping (donnacha) / subdomain based method this worked. I’m now using your plugin and subfolder based mapping.

Issue 1 (new feature): If this is going to be a ‘supporter revoked’ module, the domain should show a customizable "site offline" page if their subscription fails and the blog should then be accessible under the old /path once again.

Regarding logging in, login seems to work fine both on the main domain, and on the mapped domain. If there ever is a problem on a domain level, the user can always log in at the root domain and edit from there.

Issue 2: The blog is not showing up in the buddypress blog index as its domain, its showing up as the original path.

I need to manually edit the blog settings in admin to have blogs listed in the directory show up as domains.

setting: Siteurl

function call: bp_the_site_blog_link (wpmudev corp pb member theme)

If its set to the default Siteurl, the index shows the default, despite the column "Custom Domain" having the right URL (the blog works under the domain-based url).

Issue 3: There appears to be, though I haven’t tracked it down, a compatibility issue with this plugin:

I’ll post details as I work through it, but this is a highly recommended plugin for keeping urls short and sweet (SEO!). Making a note here to see if anyone else has the same problems (infinite loops).