"Domain name is invalid" WPMU Domain Mapping does not allow to you check or buy a enom dom

I have set up my multi site and users are able to create new sites with a web form without issue. When I log into the newly created site I then want the user to be able to check for and buy a domain name through my enom API.

All that I get no matter what address that I put in the box for searching to buy is "Domain Invalid" I have attached the screen shot showing a name that I know to already be taken but I have also tried other nonsensical domains and non .com domains as well. No matter what the same message.

Looking at other threads I checked my dedicated IP address to ensure that it shows my multisite main homepage when you visit it and it does. The rest of the checks were about after the domain is bought and just mapping it. I can't even buy the domains. Please help as soon as you can so I can buy and map these domains!

Thank you,