Domain name is unavailable to access error

I have 2 domains with their A records pointing to my server IP address, and I have been using the same IP to map another one.

But these new ones just couldn't be mapped, I also went ahead and removed the working one to re-amp it again, but I started receiving the same error.

Any idea why a working mapped domain was working but it's not anymore ?

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Audra @Zindo

    Currently, I am seeing the domain https://eu*** is mapped fine.

    But the domain http://mi*** is not mapped. That is because, this domain got its own directory. I can also see there are two IPs associated with that domain:

    Can you please remove this IP and keep only the main network IP for that domain?

    Let us know if it works by then. Please note, you may need to wait some time after removing this IP and it needs some time to propagate.

    Have a nice day!


    • Audra @Zindo
      • Design Lord, Child of Thor

      Hi Ash,

      Thanks for the response. We figured out that with, we actually have to add the mapped domain to our account as well as have the url owner create an A record to get it to work.

      So we did this and that's why you can see the working now. And the mindxxx. issue, they are working on. It's separate from us:slight_smile:

      Appreciate it!


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