domain setup on a multisite

I feel like I\'ve followed every step in the multisite tutorial, but somehow I\'ve missed something...

I am trying to set up the domain to map to my multisite account for

I installed the Domain mapping plugin and entered the IP in the Settings > Domain Mapping > Options that was detected by the plugin. I added an A record to the domain ( in GoDaddy, which is the registrar. I went into the site Tools> Domain Mapping area for the alpaca-ranch site, and added but the Health Status keeps saying \"invalid\", even though the A record was added over 24 hours ago.

When I do a DNS lookup at, it shows the A record as pointing to my IP for, so I feel like it should be propagating relatively everywhere by now.

My hosting support says that I need to set up the CNAME on my account, but none of the instructions I read on using Wordpress multisite domain mapping say that I need to be manually setting up domains on my server if the domain mapping plugin is installed... or am I wrong?

Can you tell by the domain mapping plugin keeps saying the domain is invalid in the setup? How do I troubleshoot this for future instances?

Thank you!