domain setup on a multisite

I feel like I\'ve followed every step in the multisite tutorial, but somehow I\'ve missed something...

I am trying to set up the domain to map to my multisite account for

I installed the Domain mapping plugin and entered the IP in the Settings > Domain Mapping > Options that was detected by the plugin. I added an A record to the domain ( in GoDaddy, which is the registrar. I went into the site Tools> Domain Mapping area for the alpaca-ranch site, and added but the Health Status keeps saying \"invalid\", even though the A record was added over 24 hours ago.

When I do a DNS lookup at, it shows the A record as pointing to my IP for, so I feel like it should be propagating relatively everywhere by now.

My hosting support says that I need to set up the CNAME on my account, but none of the instructions I read on using Wordpress multisite domain mapping say that I need to be manually setting up domains on my server if the domain mapping plugin is installed... or am I wrong?

Can you tell by the domain mapping plugin keeps saying the domain is invalid in the setup? How do I troubleshoot this for future instances?

Thank you!

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there melissa smith,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    As mentioned in the usage details of Domain Mapping here

    Dedicated IP: For using A Record setups, you need to ensure you have a dedicated IP. This IP would fall onto your multisite setup. i.e. when you enter the IP you see your multisite. This is known as the DocumentRoot for the IP, your host will be able to sort this quickly and easily.

    If you have a dedicated IP, then try to enter it in your browser and check if main site of multisite is coming up. If not, then contact your hosting provider to set this.

    If you don't have a dedicated IP, then you should add the mapped domain in your server panel as an add-on domain and select the same DocumentRoot as the main domain of the multisite, so it will actually points to the WP multisite.

    Warm regards,

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