Domainmapping Plugin and Supporter

When a Supporter has used the domainmapping when he was a Supporter
and he loses this state, the domainmapping will still be working. So
when the user isn't Supporter anymore their website will still be
availabe under the domain he entered.

Could the domainname also be disabled when the user loses his Supporter role?
Might be good that when a user pays again for the Supporter role their settings
are still there doh.

Otherwise when I have 100 domains and all supporters expire I have to
remove them manually haha.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hello J.

    That's a very good point! The Domain Mapping plugin already provides built-in support for the Supporter plug-in. I wonder how viable it might be to place another is_supporter() where the rewritten domains are being taken care of.

    I'll see if the developers can comment on this one while I try and figure out the plugin's flow and find a good spot for another is_supporter(). :slight_smile:


  • Barry
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    There is a fine line to be taken with this - the reason it doesn't kill the domain mapping is incase a payment isn't processed correctly and access to the site "suddenly" stops. It's sort of a "nicety" that you'll give them time to re-subscribe to keep their domain mapped :slight_smile:

    That being said, it's relatively simple to code something outside of the domain mapping plugin that checks for subscription status and removes the relevant entry from the mapping table.

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