Domains can't be selected by users in Internet Explorer


I'm using the Multi Domain plugin together with the Domain Mapping plugin.
So I copied dm_sunrise.php to wp-content and renamed it into sunrise.php
Also adjusted wp-config.php so sunrise is on.

Created the domains in the dashboard. All below domains now point to the wordpress install from

they all have the status Public.

For all domains is a wildcard (*) available in the dns entries.

Okay, now the problem I have:
When I want to register a site in Firefox I can see only 1 domain name and I'm not able to use the dropdown.
In Internet Explorer I can't see any domain name at all, but I can use the drop down.
You can use this link in your browser or please see the image.

When I want to create a new site within the dashboard, all domains are available as you can see below.

Is this plugin related or has it to do with some (mis)configuration?