Domein Mapping Subfolder Multisite installed into subfolderr not root

Hi Support,

I Chose the Domain Mapping plugin. I hoped it would help me out. I installed WP Multisite into a Subfolder, i am using Subdirectory for the sites structure. The free plugins to handle Domain Mapping where unable to handle this if WP MU is installed into a subdirectory. I had hoped your plugin would not have this issue and could be able to map domains with my setup.
i Installed WP 3.5.1 into: (subdirectory mu sites)

i want to map: or to the MU site:
so when i go to tools Domain Mapping and enter: as the custom value it makes it to and it is not mapped to the website correctly.

Can you inform me? Thanks in advance.

  • André Kager
    • Flash Drive

    It is a subdirectory installation of the Multisite.

    The method i use is subdirectory provisioning of the websites.

    I followed those steps. I was able to set the IP adres, it is a shared ip for this server. i am able to set domain mappings but the links don't work, result in a 404 page.

    So i wonder if it will only work from root installation. And if so is there a clean way to create root instalation?

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there,

    I hope you are well today.

    If you installed multisite into a sub folder of a domain, then the A name/record won't work, instead you'd need to use parked/add-on domains and put the path file to that of the site, with the domain your mapping, but this isn't a great way to do it, as you'll need full control over DNS and records to create this and if your not hosting the domains yourself this could cause a problems, as most users aren't going to want to give full control over their domain to someone else.

    To create the root installation of Multisite, you can install WordPress either through a one click install in the root of the domain and then install the Domain Mapping plugin as laid out in the usage instructions here

    Or you can install it manually by getting a zip of the latest version of WordPress, then defining allow multisite to true in your wp-config.php > tools > network setup and follow the steps (the files of course need to be in the root of the domain).

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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