Domian Mapping Not Working

I have installed Domain Mapping on a subdomain network.
Dedicated IP.
Configured it.
Moved Sunrise.php to the Content Directory
Modified the WP Config File (typed in details)

Pointed a A Record of a domain to my IP the pointed domain "REDIRECTS" but works like when you "FORWARD" a domain. The Mapped domain name once gets to the site the url becomes the main site url, not the mapped domain.

It also seems to point at the master domain not the subdomain for the account setup and mapped to.

Also when I go to Tools>Domain Mapping> and I input the doamin and hit "ADD" the domain I input dissappears.

Can anyone help me with this?

  • servicehunter1

    I have the same issue as Ray was having. Currently my mapped domain is rolling back to the main site.
    I am using multi-domains plugin and domain mapping plugin. I have 2 domains setup under multi-domains: --- But this kept rolling back to

    To beat the system I then created another subdomain called: --- and i used domain mapping to map: to --- This worked halfway, I was able to go to the admin panel of and use the wp-admin completely. But if i tried visiting the frontend site it would just roll to the main site: (weird)

    Then i tried changing the mapped domain from: (i deleted) and changed to --

    When i made that change it stopped working altogether. I was no longer able to get into the wp-admin part of the site.

    Please explain how I would use: -- then map -- as the custom domain is also being used as the 2nd multi-domain.

  • servicehunter1

    Just to follow-up -- I solved the issue with a workaround but would prefer it to just work properly.

    You can make it work only by taking the mapped domain ( you want to use and:

    create 2 subdomains ( --- off of the original site ( then:

    use the domain mapping tool to map: -- mapto -- -- mapto --

    Now the 2nd subdomain i mapped above ( ) will work with the mapped name. It will only show up with the www but its better then nothing.

    TO CLARIFY** this only happens when you want to use domain mapping plugin with multi-domains plugin & the 2nd multi-domain domain name you setup you want to be able to use as its original name. The way multi-domains and domain mapping work together causes a bug, where it only lets you use subdomains off of the 2nd multi-domains domain name you setup, it will not allow you to use the actual domain name by itself as well. (unless you use the work around i have layed out above.

    It would be nice if the wpmudev guys could work a fix into the next release of Multi-domains, since they just released the new version of multi-domains a few days ago, hopefully they will do it in the next release.