Donation thermometer and support for individual blogs?

I've been doing a lot of reading and seem to get only more confused.

Got tired of having to update several WP blogs and decided to go with MU for my next project - one site for all my blogs and possibly other users. The site will be a bit like, but much smaller with documented complaints instead of rants - one blog per report.

Since I get many reader requests for help and more info, it would be really cool for readers to be able to either support the site (to pay for the premium subscription here, etc) and also to support individual blogs (causes).

I'm familiar with chip-in, but it would be MUCH cooler for supporters to be able to select how they want to see their donation used.

Of course I've looked at the supporter plugin and it sure has many nice features and the "no ads" for supporters is very cool, although I've been trying to do without any ads.

Is it possible to allow comments only by supporters or moderate only comments from people who are not supporters?

That would keep the morons out.

I also read "somewhere" (can't find it now) about being able to give dollars or credits to bloggers. It would be nice if one could buy $20 in credits and then use it to support individual blogs.

I plan on using the BuddyPress corporate theme at /reports/ and Nelo for the front page at / -- is that a good combo?

Appreciate any thoughts and tips or just links to read as I'm a bit overwhelmed and as you can probably tell, it's not supposed to be a profitable site and I don't have the funds to hire pros.

Thanks, Christine