Donation/fund Process Customization?


Purchased this to use for a non-profit but we are running into trouble. It appears it will only take the donation if a certain amount is reached or/and an end date, but the purpose of our use is to allow people to do a one time or setup a monthly or yearly donation at any given time. We do not have a goal or end date per say because people donate to general funds through out the year or to projects that have no set goal.

Is there a way without heavily modifying the plugin for it to take the donation and do the fund withdrawl on the spot without waiting on this process of an end date or goal amount?

If not, do you have any suggestions? I love the plugin, very nice, especially the back end for the office to keep up with everything. I'm hoping there is some way to adjust this and still be able to upgrade without heavy customization.

Thanks so much for your time!