Done creating a secure page for Service Provider using

Done creating a secure page for Service Provider using these shortcodes:

[app_monthly_schedule worker="2"]

[app_my_appointments worker="2" status="paid, confirmed, completed, pending, removed, reserved"]

However, there is no email or phone number listed for the client who book. How can I add that field. Let us know the file name and line of code to edit to add those on the page?

Also is there a way to allow the left menu that shows "+Appointments" to show up regardless what type of user login into WP backend? Current setting only allow Admin level to show up and not Service Provider. Thanks.

for service provider using shortcode where when that page load, the

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Ben,

    You're really close, I believe you just need to include this shortcode:


    It's required to complete the process. You can add attributes as well like this:

    [app_confirmation button_text="Confirm" confirm_text="Thank you for confirming!" warning_text="Something's not quite right. Please fill out all the required fields" name="Full Name" email="Email Address" phone="Phone Number" address="Street Address" city="City" note="Note"]

    The string included after the attribute allows you to dictate the label text. You can get more info about the parameters for the shortcodes on the shortcode reference tab in the plugin. (found next to Service Providers)

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

  • Ben
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    Thank you for your reply Alexander. However, that is not what I'm referring to, sorry for the confusion. Let me rephrase:

    Let's say I have a WP site, I installed this Appointment+ plugin. I'm the "Admin" for the site. Then I setup another user "John" as Editor to my site. Under Appointment+, I setup John as a "Service Provider". Now, let's assume one client book an appointment on the site, let's name him "Eddy". When Admin login to WP backend, I can see Eddy info, including the phone number and email. However, when John login to backend, he can only see Eddy's appointment without the email or phone to contact Eddy. Admin do not want to allow John (Editor) to have full access to WP backend as Admin in order for the Appointment+ tab on the left navigational menu to appear. So solutions are...

    (1) either find a way to show the Appointment+ tab on the left navigational menu to appear when John login to WP backend as Editor


    (2) Admin will create a page, on that page list Eddy info including the phone or email so John can contact Eddy without login to WP backend as Admin. What will be the code on that page that allow Eddy's phone or email to show.

    Thank you.

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Ben,

    I'm sorry for the delay. I've done some testing here, and discovered it's not possible without giving the user admin privileges.

    It does look like we're in need of some better permissions management here. I'm going to flag this as a feature request so the developer can consider it for a future release

    Best regards

  • Vladislav
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    Just to confirm what @Alexander Rohmann said, the plugin requires the "manage_options" capability from your users to be able to access its interface, which is pretty much equivalent to making them admins on your site. We realise this is less then optimal in a lot of scenarios, so I'd like to let you know, the very next plugin release will come with a built-id add-on which will allow you to tweak the access privileges required for your users to access Appointments+ interface. In fact, there's a beta version with this feature implemented, and if you're interested in taking it for a spin, I'll gladly post it here.

  • Vladislav
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    I'm attaching a working Beta with the add-on we talked about previously bundled in. The add-on is named "Administrative Permissions" and is located in the new "Add-ons" tab on the settings page. Once it's activated, you can edit the access privileges on the "General" tab of the settings page. Please, note that the attached beta has some features that aren't backwards compatible with the current official release (e.g. multiple break times), so you may want to install it in a testing environment first.

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