Pro Sites: don't know how to add domain mapping on prosites

i install the prosite and domain mapping after, i go to prosite module gateway and premium plugin is didnt see and domain mapping plugin is showing.

i have free level and 4 pro level here, i hope to have permission on 3rd and 4th level can access domain mapping only.

now my domain mapping and prosite plugin is do Separate job.
can guide me to install or setting correctly?

  • 3SixtyEvolve


    Greetings and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community.

    I would like to confirm: You're using Edublogs Pro, Pro Sites and the Domain Mapping Plugin, correct?

    The setup for Domain Mapping on your Edublogs might be different to the normal setup that we have here, so I will ask our Lead Support and our Edublogs Support Team to to provide feedback and suggestions.

    What is your native language, please @jlloke82? Maybe we have someone available that can explain the Pro Sites and Domain Mapping setup in your language - maybe, not sure. But would like to assist you :slight_smile:

    Look forward to your feedback.


  • marikamitsos

    @ jlloke82, ebreuers
    I believe that the instructions are quite self-explanatory so I am afraid I will once more (sorry about that) refer you to the plugins pages. But since you insist the following may help you.

    Let's take things one at a time:
    We take for granted that: You and your customer have access to the Control Panel/cp of your server, you use multisites, you own a dedicated IP and you have installed WordPress on the root directory.
    1. I suggest you print out the installation procedures for the plugins:
    2. Correctly install Pro Sites (this should be easy-please refer to installation). Configure the 4 levels to your liking (just the basic stuff). I assume you have already done this.

    Now we install Domain Mapping which is a bit trickier.
    3, Pay extra attention on installing the Domain Mapping plugin. Especially on the parts about a) moving the sunrise.php to your /wp-content folder and b) writing define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' ); on your wp-config.php file under the define('WP_DEBUG', false);
    4. We configure Domain Mapping. So we go to network--> Domain Mapping. This is where you enter your Server (dedicated) IP Address and decide whether you want it to be available for Supporters Only or not and how to Administer the mapped domains. See the options?

    If all is well then you should see NO errors and your site/blogs as they were before as nothing has happened. :slight_smile:

    Now we have to map a domain, This takes the work of two people. Your customer and yourself.
    I think you will find the best and most detailed instructions for this part on the Domain Mapping installation page.
    If you need further reading you can always try:
    Edublogs, Using Your Own Domain. Here you will find the customers side. This is what your customer would have to do as well., How to Map Domains with the WPMU DEV Domain Mapping Plugin.

    There is something else you need to keep in mind.
    On your previous reply you show a screenshot from Edublogs. You also mention that you "hope to have permission on 3rd and 4th level can access domain mapping only". This canNOT be done at the moment. If you notice, you will see that Edublogs as well has the same thing. Meaning they offer a free account (not supporters) and a Pro account (supporters). This is the same as your configuration on your Domain Mapping settings.
    At the time being this is a feature request and you can Vote for it. :slight_smile:

    I hope that the above is clarifying and not confusing things for you.
    Please let us know how you do.
    Thank you for your time,

  • Sue

    GinaB just asked me to drop past this thread to share input on how we use domain mapping on

    But first off @marikamitsos excellent instructions! Thanks as always for all the help you give!

    The only extra things I would add is once you've installed domain mapping I would network activate it (Plugins > Installed Plugins in the network admin dashboard) and then go to Settings > Domain mapping and select Yes for Supporters only. if you want it to work exactly as it is set up on

    However, marikamitsos is correct that this approach won't allow you to have it available to only your 3rd and 4th level Pro users; it will be available to all Pro account users.

    The alternative approach is to do it how @ebreuers sounds like they are doing it. So instead of network activating the domain mapping plugin you offer it as a Premium Plugin and users need to activate the plugin on their blog to use.

    I think the network activating the plugin and having it available to all Pro users is the better approach because as @ebreuers highlights it is more obvious that it is a Pro feature and encourages them to upgrade to Pro.

    Hope this information has helped and please let us know if you need further assistance!


    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    @Sue Waters
    Thank you Sue for stopping by and giving us an answer from the Edublogs point-of-view and how you work with Pro Sites and Domain Mapping.

    Please let me know if something is not clear and we would try to assist further. We might have someone in our team who speaks Chinese, but I am still waiting for a confirmation on that. But please be in touch if you need anything else.

    All the best!

    As always, great support!

    Eric, hope you also got some clarity regarding this matter. All the best with you site setup!

  • aecnu

    Greetings jlloke82 and ebreuers,

    Just checking if this issue was eventually resolved in another thread? Or by yourself separately to us? Or by us over email with you? Or using our live support?

    If so, no need to reply, that's great news.

    If not, or you have any more questions related to this thread, please feel free to post them below including any new symptoms or errors and tick the 'Mark as Not Resolved (re-open)' box below the post area (or else we'll miss it!)

    Otherwise, happy days, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Cheers, Joe