Don't Know if there's a permalink issue with Upfront..

but i've been having a lot of issues with the Upfront theme and the wpmudev plugins in general. I love the concept of Upfront/scribe but for whatever reason all the plugins don't play well together. My current frustration and ongoing issue is while the site shows up as it should when I'm logged into the wp dashboard, when I log out or access the site via another computer its nowhere near the picture I want to paint.
I deactivated word fence, (caching was interfering as well as the deny all- htaccess file) same with protected content/membership and so one.. What hooked me into running with wpmu dev is appointments +, which I've also deactivated because of conflicts.
In all, I dove head first into the product and accept that bugs exist in all products but I'm starting to regret creating my site with upfront/scribe..I just started my adwords campaign, and at around $900 a month, I'm currently paying for clicks-to have visitors see something that doesn't represent what I intended. I have other threads open and haven't followed up with those because I've spent the majority of my waking hours trying to solve this dilemma , although I will respond in due time. ( Got a nice compliment-only wish they could see the actual site).
Anyway, I throw my hands up. Godaddy has opened a second level ticket to address my concerns and to see if the issue is on their end i.e. caching. As soon as I hit "post your question", I'm going to open the support portal, so whomever has the pleasure to tackle this issue, the door is wide open...