Don't show site in Blogs Directory based on blog ID.

Great plugin you've got there!

Could you send me a code to exclude a site from search results based on site ID?

That I could paste somewhere (like functions.php) to make this happen?

It would be much appreciated!

Kind regards.

  • Tom Eagles


    Hi John unfrortunately we dont offer customisations of our plugins in the support forums as it would make the amount of actual support threads totally unmanageable.

    However if you go through the code you can see the part which handles hide blogs that are set to private, You could modify that to exclude some blogs by id.

    To do it you would have to modify the form which offers options to include a select option where you could either select one or multiple blogs at the same time. This would need to go after line 165 and before 171 where the inputs are. Also adding a function around line 71.

    You would also need to declare the function by adding it after line 121. also you would need to modify the $query at line 383 to include a check for hidden blogs by id.

    You would need to add an update site option entry at line 222, and an entry at line 358 also.

    If you follow through the code and see how the hide blogs by privacy and pro sites then you should be able to make the neccessary changes,

    Sorry I couldnt help more but i wanted to point you at the right areas at least.


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