Don't understand code for move-blogs.php

Can you check this and tell me the correct information to put in the move-blogs.php file? The current database name and user name are both "wp424." The new databases I created are landlady_0, landlady_1, etc. Below is what I have so far. Thanks.
///DB Settings
$dbname = "landlady_wp424"; //This is your current database
$blog_table_prefix = 'wp_'; //Prefix of your wpmu blog tables, most likely this won't need to be changed
$newdb_prefix = '?????" //This is the prefix of the db's you're moving your tables into - we assume they are all the same, if not, you're in trouble What goes in here?

//We need info to connect to the databases
$dbhost = 'localhost';
$dbuname = 'landlady_wp424';
$dbpass = 'my password';