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I have just discovered that New Blog Templates plugin copies the tagline from the template site to the new site. I don't know what the purpose of copying the tagline would be. I am also using the Set Blog Description plugin and when I found that it wasn't working I checked the forum - there was someone who had the same problem and the answer was "New Blog Templates and Set Blog Description just don't work together, and there is no plan to make them do so." Huh?

Well, anyways, that being the case, is there a way I can modify New Blog Templates to stop it from copying the tag line over to the new sites?

  • Mason
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    Hiya @jjoan_donogh,

    It would be amazing if we cold get a link from you as to the old thread to see what else has been said.

    The New Blog Template copies everything from the "template" blog. Fortunately, you can easily filter any of the specific options you'd prefer to leave out.

    Open blogtemplates/blogtemplatefiles/filters.php and check out line 61. The function here can be copied and used to exclude blog descriptions or you can simply edit this line to include this options like so:
    $and .= " ANDoption_nameNOT IN ('rg_forms_version','frm_db_version','frmpro_db_version', 'blogdescription')";

    Note that you'll have to manually reapply this modification after each update if you choose to do it this way.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • Paul Barthmaier
    • Code Wrangler

    Hi there and Happy Holidays,

    I reckon we can do something with this, but I think it would involve editing some code. Would you be comfortable with editing a php file, if need be? I've pinged the developer to see if possible and for the easiest solution. Not sure if this will be incorporated into the plugin, but perhaps. Let's see what Ve has to say and let us know your comfort level.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    There are a few alternative way to achieve this, even without modifying the plugin file. The easiest one is possibly creating a .php file in your wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory (just create it if it doesn't exist - also, you can name the file anything you wish, just make sure it has .php extension), and paste this code in:

    function blog_template_exclude_blog_tagline ($and) {
    	$and .= " AND <code>option_name</code> != 'blogdescription'";
    	return $and;
    add_filter('blog_template_exclude_settings', 'blog_template_exclude_blog_tagline');
  • joan_donogh
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    Hi Mason, here is the thread from the Set Blog Description topic:

    Paul, I am not a programmer but, yes I am comfortable enough finding my way around php files.

    I will give Vladislav's solution a try, as I definitely don't like changing core files, as you mentioned Mason, then you have to remember what you did and redo it when there is a plugin update.

  • joan_donogh
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I have tried Vladislav's solution and I received the following error:
    Deletion Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'option_name != 'blogdescription' AND option_name NOT IN ('rg_form' at line 1 - The template was not applied. (New Blog Templates - While removing auto-generated settings)

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