Don't your plugins update inside the widgets panel, or do

Don't your plugins update inside the widgets panel, or do I need to download the new versions every time theres an update? If so, how do I upgrade the plugin and install without losing the settings I have in the previous version?

Thank you

  • Sebastjan
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    Hi Chuck,
    when the update for plugins is available you'll be notify in your dashboard and you'll have a choice if you want to update your plugins or not. Plugins do not update automatically, because this has to be a choice of each individual.
    When you'll update the plugin all the settings will remain the same (data is stored in DB and not in files), however there is a slight change that your data can be lost, but that depends of a plugin. But for wpmudev plugins I'm pretty sure if you reinstall or update the plugin none of your settings will be gone :wink:


  • aristath
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    Hello there @apgcsmith,
    Our themes are not available in the repository, so you can't update them, UNLESS you use our Dashboard plugin:
    Once you install it and and enter your credentials there you'll be able to do automatic updates.
    You won't lose your settings. However if you've "hacked" the plugin code, your changes will be overwritten.

    I hope that helps!


  • apgcsmith
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    Thank you for the replies. I did use the dashboard when the support system plugin needed update, from the dashboard it only gave me the option to download it. So, I had to delete the current plugin to upload and install the new version. This time it was ok, but I am just thinking ahead of possible configuration/settings loss.

  • apgcsmith
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    OK, call me stupid, but I have the WPMUdev dashboard installed and every plugin requires a download to my pc and then I have to upload to my site. Not a huge deal overall, but wondering what the true benefits of having the dashboard installed if I have to download the plugins anyway. Thank you for your time.

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