DOTW: Custom Community Titles! What other rewards do you want for leveling up?

Last weeks DOTW: Brave browser! Will it fix the web?


I’m extra excited about this weeks DOTW! As some of you are aware we’ve been working on improvements to the community aspect of the site. Focusing on making it easier to get involved and more rewarding. These DOTW’s are part of that, but we have another new release and want your feedback to make it even better! Cue this week's DOTW...

Custom Community Titles! What other level rewards do you want?

We have revamped the community title and leveling system. The previous community titles were a bit arbitrary and didn’t really give the prestige that you deserve while leveling up. Not to mention some users weren’t a big fan of being labeled a Regular Joe :sweat_smile:

So, we’ve disassociated community titles and levels. Instead, we now have “Rewards” for leveling up.

Starts out with just removing your “New” label and then at Level 2 you can add your own custom community title. If you don’t add one then your title will just remain as “Recruit”.

If you’re level 2 or higher then you can add your custom community title right now from your profile :slight_smile:

You have 30 characters to add whatever you want. You’re real job title, company name, short motivational or funny phrase, whatever! But keep it family friendly :p we will mod them if needed.

You’ll see a lot of “coming soon” rewards in that first screenshot and that is what this DOTW is all about. What other rewards do you all want for levelling up?

Couple guidelines:

-Can’t be anything that requires physical delivery
-Be reasonable. You can suggest level 15 will get you you your own custom developed plugin that will make your coffee but don’t expect it to make the official list :p

That’s it! What rewards do you want for leveling up and what level do you think they should be earned at? If you think of several then please include all of them.

You can use the “Thumbs up” to show support for others suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. Can't guarantee we will use all suggestions, but we’ll sort out a list based on popularity and feasibility after the DOTW is over :slight_smile:


-As usual… posting at least 1 comment = 3 hero points (and some extra points if your suggestion ends up being used) *must post within 7 days of thread creation date
-I’ll be applying the hero points manually so there will be a delay between your comment and when you receive the 3 points.
-Suggestions for next week's DOTW are always welcome