DOTW: Machine Learning! Are you using it? (Participation = 3+ Hero Points)

Artificial Intelligence concerning websites and apps is a hot topic these days, especially when you start throwing around words like Machine Learning. We likely all use some form of it, even if you don’t realize it, for example, Askimet uses machine learning to learn what kind of content you consider “spammy”. Or a non-WordPress example would be the predictive text suggestion on your mobile phone.

For more examples, check out the Tools to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and WordPress post on our blog.

With that said, I’m no AI expert, and I suspect there are some useful AI tools out there related to WordPress that I’m not aware of, so looking forward to learning about a few here :slight_smile:

1. Are you using AI(Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc.) tools on any sites you’ve developed? If so, which tools?
2. What about real world AI implementation in general? Any effective every-day uses of it you've encountered that stand out?
3. Do you have any resources you would share with someone wanting to learn more about using AI with WordPress? (Bonus +3 Hero Points)


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