DOTW: Page Builders! Which one is your current favourite? (Participation = 3+ Hero Points)

This DOTW is inspired by a recent thread about Beaver Builder by @simplebutcreative. Some may remember we did a Themes DOTW awhile back, many of the replies included a page builder, so lets see how a page builder specific discussion goes :slight_smile:

1. What is your favourite page builder? Plugin or Theme based, doesn’t matter
2. What are your favourite features of that page builder? Name as many as you like. Especially any features that weren’t present in other page builders you tried at the time (Bonus +3 Hero Points)
3. Showcase! Got a website or page you built with a page builder that you don’t mind sharing? (Optional)


-At least one comment = 3 Hero Points
-Include at least one feature for Q #2 = +3 Hero Points
-Must participate within 7 days of original posting date to earn Hero Points
-DOTW = Discussion of the Week

  • jcakec

    I've used multiple builders, but ElegantThemes Divi is the one I prefer, specially as the page meta (shortcode structure) is easy to understand the you don't have the builder running (or are checking the content on the DB).
    I also prefer Divi as it doesn't require to install multiple plugins to make things works (if you use it as a plugin, everything is self contained), while other builders requires that you to install and maintain multiple plugins that require constant updates, but you are tied to the builder license.

    Right now we are playing with Gutenberg and trying to make sense on the blocks and nested blocks
    structure, still needs a lot of work before our tests become production ready.

    *off topic* That's one thing I didn't like from your Editor: you encrypted the page content and it was a nightmare trying to fix something directly on the database. :slight_smile:

  • Baldafrican

    I am also a fan of Divi. Once you are in the flow of things it is very easy to get a site out quickly. The fact mentioned above about not having to install additional plugins is a big plus in my opinion. But it is their flexibility and visual builder that sealed the deal for me. You can edit and manipulate your site as it is displayed on the front end in a myriad of ways.Padding, margin, text editing it easily done.

    A close second is beaver builder ...imo :slight_smile:

  • splaquet

    Although I've been a solid fan of's Pro builder (mostly header & footer builders), I've recently stumbled upon this one! I'm actually kind of surprised that I haven't heard or seen anyone else talking about this one. Possibly the reason is because they've recently migrated from a Theme based builder to this plugin based builder... but now that they're on v2... this makes me go *WOW*!

    background... I use the Import/Export plugin set from Soflyy. While I was searching through, I stumbled upon their newest, latest & greatest creation:

    Oxygen 2.0, visual site builder:

    It offers:
    - a full feature demo where you can try before you buy
    - easy element building & template import/exports
    - you can make WooCommerce look like it's not WooCommerce (which was what particularly caught my eye)
    - you can create html type code frameworks and builds

    ...actually, just take the product tour and see everything for yourself (so I don't muddle it up, using my own words) -> Product Tour

    Unfortunately, I'm so new to this that I haven't had time to play with it. So, I don't have any promo builds to share. Hopefully I will before the week's out though :wink:

    ***DISCLAIMER: I'm a USER... I'm not trying to promo this for them, although I do try and offer my help where I can, to those who deserve it. In short, Oxygen is just looking THAT AWESOME!***

    And, for a limited time, it's only $99! License includes unlimited site licenses & lifetime updates, although I have a feeling that's only part of this initial promo offering. *I also found this $20 off promo code. It says it expires in July, but I just used it 2 days ago. Promo Code: soflyy2* Even if it's awful, how can you possibly go wrong in purchasing something with a lifetime/unlimited for only $79?!

    here's their demo video:
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Dutchman

    I have to agree with the Divi builder being one of the best builders out there, if not the best.

    It has a huge community that supports each other. Not only that but also a lot of businesses have started based on Divi. Elegant Themes supports that too, so if you have issues with your clients, there is still help.

    With the builder there comes ready to go layout packs. Layouts not only for on page, but for several pages that suits your project. Plus they release a high quality layout pack for all kinds of industry every week.

    And as already mentioned here, you don’t need more plugins to make it work for you, but there are heaps of plugins for Divi to take it to different levels and make it suit to your way of working. And again, it supports you using it for your clients.

    A lot of people out their made their name, because of Divi and it sure helped with me and my businesses.

  • Simplebutcreative Media

    My current favorite is definitely Divi. I use Divi for about 90% of my projects including my own. I was a long time Thesis user but Divi slowly won me over.

    What sold me is how FAST I can create a website. Time is money! Speed is important especially if I'm not charging a high premium for web design services. Also, I'm no backend developer so Divi definitely made it easy. I also have no aspiration of ever becoming a developer. I'll just hire one or team up with one as my business grows. I'm just a web designer and that's my lane.

    As years went on Divi added more features that didn't require me to use heavy CSS, hooks, filters, tiny bit of PHP, etc. I would do all that for Thesis. I'm definitely spoiled when it comes to Divi, and they're only getting better. I still give the edge to Thesis as far performance, even to this day. But combining Hummingbird and Smush with Divi gives it some "ummph".

    Divi has a big GROWING community from beginners to developers. I see so many cool things being built and design exclusively for Divi. I can't say much about the other builders. I'm sure they're getting a lot of love, but a good amount of Wordpress sites I encounter nowadays are rockin' with Divi.

    WPMUDEV has converted me to everything multisites. That's the ONLY thing I do now. Multisite support/compatibility is the one thing I hope Divi would add. But I don't ever see that happening. Who knows?...Because of the lack of multisite support, I am now looking into Beaver Builder.

    Check out the thread I started for all the Beaver Builder users out there:

    Post your Beaver designs on that thread. I'd like to check them out!

    The fact that Beaver offers multisite support and white label capability is definitely worth a look and gives me all sorts of ideas. Since I'm all about multisite nowadays, Beaver might be my go to builder in the future.

  • Jaxom

    Hi Tyler Postle

    Well this one is going to be interesting and DOTW and I think Divi may end up the winner.

    1.) My personal favourite bucks the trend and I love JS Composer (WP Bakery) admittedly I haven't tried a lot of the others as I like the way it fits into my work pattern and was the first one (a long time ago) that didn't need hours to figure it out.

    a.) My templates that I have created to make new site builds really simple as I can show clients multiple designs on our test bed and then upload the right template job done.
    b.) I can build my own mini plugins to create new functions within the builder.
    c.) Ultimate addons for JS Composer (Yes it is another plugins) but I have figured out how to customise it so it just loads the functions I want for that build.
    d.) I can build custom templates for clients and train them to use it in under an hour

    I know I am liable to get comments going yuck, but I like it, it does what I want and works well for me and as long as the client is happy....



  • ROIverhogen

    1. What is your favourite page builder? Plugin or Theme based, doesn’t matter
    My favorite builder is the UX builder in the Flatsome theme. It's highly customizable, responsive and all changes are directly visible in the builder. Compatible with most plugins and corporate and e-commerce dedicated.

    2. What are your favourite features of that page builder? Name as many as you like. Especially any features that weren’t present in other page builders you tried at the time (Bonus +3 Hero Points)
    In the builder there's an option to see the Flatsome Studio. It comes with prebuild pages / elements / parts which you can import to make/get fast and easy pages and inspiration. This is regards the builder. I haven't even started on the amazing community behind it on the facebook group. always helpful and always learning.

    3. Showcase! Got a website or page you built with a page builder that you don’t mind sharing? (Optional)
    Flatsome and UX builders potential is way bigger than I've created so far. I think you can get a better view on this amazing theme/builder by visiting their demo site.
    Flatsome Demo

  • Zen

    I am officially a Gutenberg fan now. I spent a lot of time with WPMUDEV's Upfront and so relate that precious knowledge with Gutenberg. It is very similar, and I would have thought some of the inspiration there is imitated in design. Very flattering I think. I could be wrong. Gut feeling.

    What is interesting with Gutenberg is that you can choose to use your old builder OR Gutenberg for now which has it benefits too.

    For me though I think we will be staying ahead of the game with Gutenberg and getting everyone used to it. One brilliant heads-up was the WPMUDEVS Branding Plugin allows us to change the background colors of WP and so much of the visual stress has been reduced and now its just down to getting up to speed.

  • Ante

    Seeing the user feedback, it seems that Beaver Builder and Divi Builder are topnotch, but I haven't had the opportunity to use them.

    My first builder was Cornerstone, which comes with the X Theme. It has some nice features and a lot of elements and templates, free updates, including the new elements, templates, 3rd party tools, and more.
    Also, coders will like Cornerstone for its key bindings feature, which is based on the Sublime Text editor (allows multiple cursors, etc.). It's quite comprehensive, but also has a somewhat steep learning curve.

    However, I didn't play much with Cornerstone, because I stumbled upon a new kid on the block Elementor which is now my tool of choice.

    There are free and Pro Elementor versions. The free version can be enough for some people, but Pro offers header and footer editing, more templates, elements, etc. Pro version for one website costs $49, this is the one I'm using, but I'm planning to switch to the unlimited version, which costs $199, when I get some more projects.

    There's a cool beta plugin from Envato Elements with beautiful free templates for which you only need to install a free version of Elementor. And you don't get just the templates, you get the full template pack with individual website pages.
    Also, there's an Astra Sites plugin for Elementor and Beaver Builder with free templates that enables you to set up the entire website in just two clicks, which is awesome if you need to set up a website quickly.

    Furthermore, you have maintenance mode, version control, conditional display for specific pages category, white labeling add-on, etc.

    They are progressively adding new features, and you can always apply for testing of the new beta releases.

    There is a huge and supportive Elementor group on Facebook where authors and users interact. Authors are listening to the users and their needs.

    I'll just tell you a quick story of how the Elementor team introduced a new contextual menu for interacting with elements and sections (copy/paste/delete/duplicate) on the drag & drop canvas. This menu is now available when you right-click an element or a section. This option was previously available by hovering over the element's or section's top.
    After the change, one of the users with a disability commented that of FB group and guess what they did in the next release...they retrieved the hover options, but also kept the right-click menu, as well :slight_smile:. I'm quoting that user's feedback after he checked the new release:

    THANK YOU Elementor! While I did not complain but I did comment on the E FB page about the right click change making things much harder for me because of my physical disability. I for one am very happy you have brought that feature back. I have 3 working fingers so I needed both hands for the right click -so now I can sail along again.

    You gotta applause that! :slight_smile:

  • Bernard

    1. What is your favourite page builder? Plugin or Theme based, doesn’t matter
    I think Flatsome is really great, it is a fast page builder with nice results!

    2. What are your favourite features of that page builder? Name as many as you like. Especially any features that weren’t present in other page builders you tried at the time (Bonus +3 Hero Points)
    Easy, fast en a quick learning curve make me choose for Flatsome!
    3. Showcase! Got a website or page you built with a page builder that you don’t mind sharing? (Optional)

  • sushling

    This is a rather contemporary topic and I'm currently checking out a builders for their "theme building" capabilities, which is only provided by a few of the available builders out there …

    1. What is your favourite page builder? Plugin or Theme based, doesn’t matter

    For a recent project I needed to convert a rather simple web-site of one of my long-term clients from a custom CMS to WP, so I took the chance and tried out Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder, Brizy and Oxygen 2 and worked with all three of them for about 2 weeks. I ended up purchasing the license for Oxygen 2 and can't be happier with this decision.

    2. What are your favourite features of that page builder? Name as many as you like. Especially any features that weren’t present in other page builders you tried at the time (Bonus +3 Hero Points)

    Oxygen has provided the most stable and precise GUI, the least bugs and the most precise shaping of all elements used on this page. I have found the pre-made templates and block-elements looking better than those provided by the other builders, although Brizy has very good looking templates as well.

    3. Showcase! Got a website or page you built with a page builder that you don’t mind sharing? (Optional)

    Since I'm not the designer in my venture but rather taking care of customer consultations, configuration and maintenance services and business development, I'm afraid not being able to contribute any examples here …

  • djohns

    1) I've used Divi and was very happy with its 2) visual aspect and the ability to add css & code to each module I wanted to customize, the ability to clone modules, to keep them in a library and to download other peoples libraries & layouts. The Divi community is very active and prices for add-on modules are within my modest budget most of the time.

    I also purchased Oxygen 1.0 and upgraded to 2.0 but life has interfered with WordPress stuff currently so I haven't done much with Oxygen yet. What I've played with so far, is great.

    3) Build w/Divi:

    Yes, the images are high-resolution & load slowly but the client wanted all the images to be a high resolution.

    Hmmm -- looks as though Popup Pro has stopped working on that site, will have to look into that.

  • Manuel

    1. My favourite page builder, I have to agree with majority of members etc is Divi.
    2. It is simple and very complete when comes to functionality and user experience, particularly for the non-knowledgeable trying to become a website developer. The Media in the form of instructive video tutorials is huge and in particular well documented visually and in theory and practice. ( off the cup, this is was what wpmu dev didn't do with Upfront to attract further members as Divi did/does etc.) I have tried Elementor free version in combination with Astra themes and other and ended up in my Multisite desapearing all together unless I used the Astra pro themes for sale. Got read of all the Upfront themes that Astra!
    3. I have only 'trial and error' websites. Some 22 about construction planned and half organised with info, contents etc but still to built and just on the desktop. Waiting and trying Guttenberg including reading about all the good and the bad feedback.
    PS As I see it at the moment wpmu dev's Upfront was/ looked a lot better than Gutenberg, but again I am no WP theme expert!

  • Tyler Postle

    The results are in! Divi is the winner. Anyone shocked? :smile:

    I only counted one vote per participant. Whichever page builder the commenter said was their current favourite.

    1. Divi = 9
    2. Elementor = 2
    3. Oxygen 2.0 = 2
    4. WP Bakery = 2
    5. Flatsome UX Builder = 2
    6. Beaver Builder = 1
    7. Gutenberg = 1
    8. Pro by Themeco = 1
    9. HTML + CSS = 1

    I'm surprised Beaver Builder didn't get more "fav" votes. Given what I've seen around the members and support forums here I expected both Beaver Builder and Elementor to be a little closer to Divi.

      • splaquet

        My educated deduction on why Divi is more popular is because if the pricing structure, as compared to X/Pro.

        If I had to guess, I'd say my first WordPress purchase was an ElwgantThemes membership. (maybe 10 or so years ago?) The bang for the buck was incomparable!

        I was even able to take advantage of an ET lifetime license opportunity, which is, in theory, a priceless purchase!

        My problem is that... THEY STOPPED SUPPORTING EVERYTHING OTHER THAN DIVI!?! Seriously?! I have dozens of old sites (I using my clunker of a portfolio) with themes that simply can't be upgraded any more. Unfortunately, that means no easy method to have those sites optimized for mobile.

        It took me years of experience (and getting out of debt) to realize that you truly get what you pay for.

        $75 is a lot to pay for a theme that only allows licensing for 2 websites, when compared to unlimited.

        In hindsight, I've purchased about a dozen X/Pro licenses (still upgrading a few from X) and it's been worth every penny.

        Other than within the first few years of my ET license, the only time I end up using Divi is when I'm hired to take over a website. I'm not sure if it's due to an amateur developer, not using Divi correctly (as to them losing their client and me taking them), but personally I still feel that Divi fails in comparison to Pro.

        To each their own! ...but to everyone who's still learning (and hopefully that's everyone here), don't forget to step outside of your box from time to time! It's a valuable life lesson that I'm continuously reminding myself of.

        And on that note, I CANNOT wait to try out the new Oxygen 2.0!!!

  • splaquet

    2 quick things...
    1) i realize that I said Oxygen 2.0 above, but's Pro has truly been all that I've used since it was released. I can't wait to did into Oxygen though!!!

    2) of the folks who mentioned Divi, how much experience do those folks have using other builders? i realize that Divi has come A LOOOOONG way in it's recent while, but it still seems clunky to me for some reason. what am i missing that everyone loves so much about it?

    • Baldafrican

      Hey splaquet

      For me, I do realize that Divi is a little clunky but the sites it loads on, when optimized correctly, actually load pretty fast.

      I have tried a number of the page builders in the list above but for me, much like wpmudev, one of the big advantages Divi has over the others is their huge community. There is no need to rely on the developers support when you have 300k+ people to bounce ideas and problems off.

      • splaquet

        Baldafrican , are you referring to these forums, on this link?

        If that's what you're referring to, that's half of the reason why I became disgusted with ElegantThemes, years back. I've been a member for maybe 10+ years now. Every time I've gone to their forum with questions, I often find that a few others have asked the same question before. I'll see that their questions have gone unanswered, or haven't been resolved... and then find that the same exact thing happens to me. Maybe it's because they're really focussing on Divi and not the other themes, but I've always left their support with a bad taste in my mouth.

        Now... let me give you a comparison to's Pro forum. In short, they might not have 24/7 live chat support, like our friends over here on WPMU offer, but it feels very close. I realize that they're only supporting 2 themes, but they're very friendly, prompt, and don't quit until the issue has been resolved. They also have a knowledgeable community that contributes support, close to what we have here on WPMU.

        I don't wanna come off as snarky, but if ElegantTheme's forum makes you a happy camper,'s Apex Forum would leave you feeling like you just upgraded to an RV :wink: (...and WPMU is kinda like having a tour bus w/ driver :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • Simplebutcreative Media

    What's your definition of clunky in regards to Divi?

    From my experience if you're doing all the right and necessary action to optimize your Wordpress site then it should perform accordingly. I get good results with my Divi sites.

    Just looked at Themeco and it looks interesting. I'm looking forward to trying it out. The only builders I can compare Divi to is beaver and bakery. Again maybe I'm biased but Divi is definitely more intuitive. Designing with Divi's visual builder makes sense which makes it more productive for me. Also, I only started using Divi's visual builder the beginning of this year. I was exclusively using the backend builder for years. My transition to the visual builder was very smooth. I use it about 80% of the time now.

    I'm still looking forward to testing out Themeco, Oxygen, and Elementor. I'm all about having the best tools to make my business more productive and profitable. Each builders have something different to offer.

    Someone made a comment about ET's early pricing days. That's definitely true for me! Back then it was $39/year. It was the best investment I've ever made thus far. It was to cheap lol

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