DOTW: Social Media! Preferred platform and why? Personal and Business (Participation = 3 Points)

There are so many different social media platforms, and I’m curious what everyone prefers using for both personal and business use nowadays. Cue this weeks DOTW!

1. Your preferred social media platform for personal use? And why?
2. Your preferred social media platform for business use? And why?

I suspect #2 will be impacted by the industry your services or products are in and perhaps ad platforms too. I’m interested to see how many of the responses I’m surprised at :smiley: I’m sure there will be many... I feel out of touch on social media these days lol

Feel free to list more than one for each question if you want.


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  • Tyler Postle

    I’ll start with mine:

    1. Reddit - as far as my social media usage goes, reddit wins by a landslide :smiley: I mostly use social media for news and following topics I’m interested in rather than interacting with people(more of a lurker), reddit has been perfect for that.

    2. I don’t manage any business specific social media accounts, but when I did I focused primarily on twitter. That was like 4-5 years ago though. It was nutritional supplement related and at the time it seemed like twitter was the place to be for such things. If I was to start the same thing now maybe I’d be looking more into instagram I dunno.

  • Debbie

    Hey Tyler Postle
    This will be fun to see what folks use and how they use it!

    My approach to social media is that it's all related to my business - anyone considering doing business with me can easily find all my social media & see what I post, so I try to keep that in mind with everything I put out there.

    Facebook - I have Facebook pages for my business, and share posts from them on my personal profile. I also share some personal (but not too personal) & fun things on my profile - while remembering that clients and potential clients checking me out on Facebook can see that too.
    From having taken a couple personal development courses that use Facebook for their community support with private groups, I find that I tend to spend more time in those groups than I do just scrolling the newsfeed.

    LinkedIn - for networking, connecting with potential clients & referral partners. I also have business showcase pages. I also like the personal and business development articles posted here.

    Twitter - for sharing my business content, helpful info, connecting with potential clients & referral partners. I also looks for helpful SEO info as well as personal and business development posts to retweet.

    I've got a theme around personal and business development here :slight_smile: I try to spend my time on social media putting out helpful info, sharing helpful info I've found. There's so many folks that show their inner 10-year old when they posts, I try to focus on the positive content and connections.

    Instagram - I've been really slow to get started here. Mainly because I didn't want to take the approach I see others in my network take of posting their latest project (the point of those seem to be "look at how awesome we are").
    I have websites to help people find lost cats & dogs in the county where I live, and I recently started a project to raise money to donate to local animal shelters. Lately I've been pondering making use of Instagram as a place to post about these, plus I can add in fun animal photos and have them be related to what I usually post.

  • Fetseun

    Personal : Facebook and its really because of business because I get feeds about the things I'm interested in and support groups (Web hosting etc.) As well as the sports that Im involved in. Could care less about who's having coffee or a bad day. Its all about me....

    Business: Facebook - I only follow and work on a few groups, I don't advertise or market on it. I prefer SEO and word of mouth referrals. But might start to consider branching out, once I feel SEO has reached its limit....if ever. But I have been considering Linkedin for a while now from a networking point of view. Maybe in the future.

  • Fabio Fava


    1. For Personal use I go for Facebook: the multiple-language posting options are the best for me to reach a wider public. Also, the many integrations for WordPress allows me to have all my website's posts to be automatically shared on this platform.

    2. For Business use I prefer LinkedIn, because it's more focused on the Business Relationships. So it actually brings me more busineses. Also, there are integrations to re-post all my website's post on LinkedIn too.


  • djsteve

    1 -personal - my own buddypress sites. No tracking and selling of my info, no public real name required. No feed that tries to game people into spending time on site, which almost always defaults to "not showing what you want, show click bait divisive emotional stuff, then show some of what you want, then more time on video ads.. rinse repeat. Not on my bp site.

    2 - business - twitter - less censorship, along with tracking and other feed issues mentioned above. Although it seems to be slipping down some slopes, so now looking for new similar things without the corporate issues, looks like mastadon or gnu social type things will be getting the time and content in the future instead.

  • jetmac

    I used to use Facebook primarily for both purposes, but now not so much.

    I won't say I'm social media averse, but I use it significantly less than I did. It never really helped me all that much personally, and I can't say it helped me tremendously professionally.

    Moving into the next phase of work, I'm planning to spend the time generating a lot more content and then using social media to spread that content (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) in addition to paid ads (Google, Amazon, and FB) for my services.

  • Paul

    Hey Tyler!

    Social networks... Aaaaaaaah so many of them!!!

    For personal, I'm a Facebook kind of person. Been using it for a while and never was interested in other ones.... hmhm Insta is not for someone who hates pictures! lol

    For business though... Ouufffff... Depends on what. I manage a bunch of WordPress related groups ranging from 2k to 20k people, so I use Facebook to interact with the community. For clients, leads etc... I use LinkedIn and recently have been on Alignable (one that not many know of... It is primarily for North America). Actually, I don't think you can access the site from outside of North America!

  • Michelle

    For personal use, it's Facebook. But mainly because my family is spread out around the U.S. and it's the one platform everyone uses - from my 82-year old aunt to my 14-year-old niece. I will use Twitter occasionally. Pretty much only during Game of Thrones episodes to talk live with other watchers and nitpick with other book fans (hah). I think I use Linkedin maybe once a year when I think I've had enough and should probably update my resume :wink:

    For business & our clients - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and then we manage their review sites as well.

  • DigitalPowerups

    For Personal Use:
    I use a few and for different reasons.
    Instagram - I like to scan insta to see what friends and family are up to.
    Facebook - is great for groups, I'm a member of quite a few that have to do with hobbies, business, marketing etc.
    Twitter - Basically a quick scan once every day or two to see news and whatever, Twitter is where I'll follow brands, blogs, podcasts and such.

    For Business:
    Instagram mostly. FB and Twitter reach is pretty low to invest all the effort and money into a following. I'm more in direct response anyway.

  • DigiBlueArc

    Hi Tyler,

    1. The only social media worthwhile and it's fantastic is Reddit. The intelligence level of users on Reddit is substantially higher than say oh, sorry, I mean facestupid. shoot, I'll get it yet... ahh facebook.

    2. LinkedIn which is primarily a professional networking website. I don't use it for job searches and recruitment but it helps me stay in touch with past associates, procure new clients and expand my professional network.


  • Manuel

    1. Your preferred social media platform for personal use? And why?
    2. Your preferred social media platform for business use? And why?

    I do not use Facebook yet. Mainly because I am not running any real serious business at this stage. I certainly would/will if need and circumstances were to change

    Neither I use it for personal reasons. it's the one platform that everyone uses and I have seen, (closed to home), the damage it can cause to family and friendly relationships. I understand that anyone running a business, (or wanting to keep up with friends and family), social networks can be a must.
    Sparingly I use Twitter and LinkedIn. In other words I use it I don’t abuse it! The advantages outweigh disadvantages for business purposes:smiley: in my books. :smiley:

    I suspect #2 will be impacted by the industry your services or products are in and perhaps ad platforms too

    Afterthought:: I wish social networks were in place when I was stuck in business in the 800’s, 900’s and, having to meet clients on a daily basis, remember their names, drive there, etc, and one didn’t have enough information about who these people were on arrival.
    I remember with one particular introduction, where I was expected to know this gentleman, ( because, as I was being told, this ‘’Australian was more famous than the Queen (of England)’’ ; while holding my hand, all the time the gentleman argued with his wife and his friends that he wasn’t etc etc.. ’You are meeting ‘the Man’ they kept telling me.. .. still didn’t ring the bell!
    Social Media Technology brings results to the fore. Some good some bad and Google has all the answers we need.
    ‘Curse of social Media’ brings us About 9,860,000 results (0.44 seconds)
    ‘Blessings of Social Media’ brings us About 9,860,000 results (0.44 seconds)
    Isn’t this just odd that the search results happen to balance each other? Good?:yum: or evil?:smiling_imp:

  • Tyler Postle

    Interesting! I definitely have to echo Dan Perlman comment above, surprised that FB is still the most preferred for so many. Feel like more and more are starting to migrate to other platforms as their primary and keep FB just as a secondary for the connections they have there.

    Out of curiosity, I had a look at my iPhone data usage by app (cellular data usage only, doesn't include wifi). Here's my breakdown of social media app usage since December 20th, 2017:

    1. Reddit 5.3gb
    2. YouTube 2.2gb
    3. Twitch 739mb
    4. Twitter 696mb
    5. LinkedIn 269mb
    6. Instagram 252mb
    7. Facebook 57mb
    8. FB Messenger 1.9mb

    Of course I'm on wifi usually, but still that looks pretty accurate to me far as difference in my usage between them all. Maybe a bit unfair including video based networks in there.

    I'm surprised my LinkedIn data usage is higher than Instagram. Is their app not optimized very well performance wise or something :smiley: feel like I open up Instagram more than LinkedIn, even when not on wifi and I'd expect Instagram to be more data heavy in general.

    If anyone else wants to check that on their phone and doesn't know how, you just go to:

    iPhone: Settings > Cellular > Scroll down to "Cellular Data" section.

    I don't have an Android, but based on this post it looks like you can do the same via:

    Android: Settings > Wireless & Networks > Data Usage

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