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First off, thanks to everyone that has left feedback for Forminator in our last DOTW. We got a ton of great feedback! If you have anything further to add or haven’t yet(and want to) then please still do, we’ll continue watching the thread.

This week's DOTW is relevant to everyone… Hosting!

1. Who is your favourite web host? And why?

Emphasis on the why :slight_smile: if a fellow WPMU DEV member was trying to decide on a host, how would you convince them to go with your favourite host?

2. What feature(s) do you wish your host offered?


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  • Blue Summit Creative

    Right now, my favorite host is hands down WP Oven.

    I've tried WP Engine, WPX, and some others with shared environments like Go Daddy and Bluehost, and WP Oven has been stellar.

    My only complaint is there are a couple of extras in our workflow because we use them (they don't have as fancy of tools as WP Engine for development purposes), but otherwise I love them.

    Dimitris even helped me out with coming up with a solution to a problem that I've only seen happen on sites hosted on WP Oven that connect to the Hub. We took some basic information back to WP Oven's support team, and they were able to fix it - I've never had a hosting company write a custom mu-plugin to solve problems, especially without charging me a fortune to do so.

    I'm forever their cheerleader.

  • slavetotheweb

    Hey, great thread idea.
    This is always a hot topic.
    I'm with FlyWheel and was previously with SiteGround. Both I can recommend highly.
    I moved to FlyWheel for the simplicity, letting me offer more maintenance features to my clients for less effort on my behalf. Plus one-click staging and SSL certs.
    Not much for me to wish they did - although more detailed explanations on the (extremely few) downtimes would be nice.

    I also dabble with very simple setups on Vultr - for a handful of minor sites with low traffic and a few non-wordpress projects. Also recommended if you willing to get your hands a little bit dirty...

    PS - Not 10 minutes before this thread was announced - Envato announced their new Wordpress hosting option. Although this is more an all-round product, combining a theme from their marketplace, setup and hosting. Not endorsing - just bringing to attention. :slight_smile:

  • James Morris

    Tyler Postle,

    Oh man is this an ever needed topic! :slight_smile:

    This is one of those "depends" questions...

    For shared hosting, I absolutely love SiteGround. All the goodies you want. Fast servers. Excellent Support.

    For Cloud Servers (advanced users only!) DigitalOcean is amazing. Their docs alone are worth the fees. Very fast servers too.

    And here's one you didn't see coming... I've been with 1and1 since 2003. Now, for major, high traffic sites... No. Not the best choice. But for low to moderate traffic sites that have a DB < 1GB... Man... they're hard to beat. I also got a Plesk Cloud server from them and have been pretty happy with them.

    The main reason I like my 1and1 shared account (Linux Unlimited Plus) is because I get an insane amount of storage, unlimited bandwidth and a crazy amount of RAM (8GB) for 9.99/mo. Even for use as a backups server, it's a good deal.

    The caveat to 1and1 is... If you need cPanel; if you need Wildcard subdomains (on shared hosting); or if you need to rely on support a lot... Not a good choice. But for developers or power users... It's a good, cheap host for dev sites, smaller clients and backups.

    If I could only use one host, it would be DigitalOcean. They really are nailing it right now. But SiteGround is a very close second. DigitalOcean just has a price point that's hard to beat and I'm not afraid to work on a CLI.


  • DigiBlueArc

    DOTW has been a great idea Tyler, Kudos!

    I operate a dedicated VPS farm and it's not that I have a favorite, it's the services they offer and obviously up time. Competition is so fierce in hosting, it's easy to find a deal. I've been with host4Geeks 5+ years, they're growing, healthy and they provide for me...

    1. responsive managed vps support and available when I need it
    2. cPanel, WHM and root access are critical to my operation
    3. I love let's encrypt and auto ssl - it's so easy
    4. I like that they have: phone, chat, knowledge base, blog and tickets.
    5. They have strategic data centers and integrate with cloudflare VPN

    Uptime should not be an issue for anyone or you're the fool for being on that system.


  • Patricia BT


    First I avoid EIG hosts even the famous ones such as Bluehost Hostgator Hostmonster and now also Site5 unfortunately. etc. EIG buys smaller hosts, fire their support team and make them all go down in quality

    I'm personally on SiteGround on a VPS. Their support is good with chat 24/7/365 if needed. I have not have any host issue since I'm with them. They even changed on my demand what was necessary to comply with the very strict rules of ISnic, the registry for .is domains.

    I like that their VPS has an autoscale feature in case of spike, essential if you plan to have big launches. Then you can keep the new resource or go back down to you initial setup.

    I love their 1 click SSL install tool with Let's Encrypt and the fact that they were founding sponsors of Let's Encrypt 3 years ago

    Their dedicated WP tools (and Joomla tools if you need them too) are useful with autoupdate, or even the possibility to reset your admin password directly from their tool. Caching tool dedicated to WP is available

    I also like very much the staging environment with 1 click push back to live site. And other goodies such as your own git environment and SSH.

    I could say a lot :slight_smile:

    • Patricia BT

      I want to add something to my earlier comment.

      Even though I'm happy with SiteGround, with a fully managed VPS, I have considered the DigitalOcean route, with a layer such as Cloudways, ServerPilot or the such. Because it's cheaper for much more storage and resource.
      So now, the question is to balance the amount of work/knowledge I want to put in, against the price. I mean either I pay less, but need to put more work, server knowledge and setup, or I pay a little more and stay with my managed VPS (that I would not take anywhere else than SiteGround).

      Something else I wanted to add, is that I replied to a comment below to say that I send now people to swiss hosts, such as Infomaniak, or AlpHosting when they want a local host which speaks French, otherwise I tell them SiteGround on a shared plan. This is because I do not do anymore the business I was doing when I came to WPMUDev = host "low resource need" sites on a multisite, powered by ProSites and Domain mapping...

  • Brent

    After 12 years of hosting my own and client sites, I've had the chance to use countless hosts. And it's kind of hard to narrow it down. But as a Wordpress user, I've pretty much focused on a couple of hosts over the last few years.

    Instead of going through the list of ones I don't recommend (like Godaddy, EIG hosts, and many of the big name hosts like 1and1), there are three that I have put more sites on than any others:


    I have found these three to be the fastest shared hosts out there, with Stablehost probably being the fastest of the bunch (but it can vary depending on your location and site).

    The factors that go into my decision, and the one that has led me to these three, is that they design their servers to use Wordpress properly without having to pay for fully managed WP hosting. There are several features like Litespeed servers, MariadB databases, Cloudlinux (to keep accounts separate and secure), and more go a long ways to providing a fast Wordpress site. But probably the biggest factor of them all is that these hosts don't overload their servers. All hosts put more accounts on a server than it can technically handle at full capacity, but the good hosts know the realistic limits. These three all do a wonderful job at this.

    There are other factors, but those are the primary reasons why i choose those hosts. I could go for WP Engine or Flywheel, but honestly, for a normal Wordpress site (which most of my clients have), those are overkill. A well-optimized shared server, like those mentioned, along with a properly optimized Wordpress site, can allow hundreds of thousands of visits per month without hitting limits. I have yet to have any real problems with these three.


  • Arcaus

    I'd like to start off with my least favourite quickly: Go Daddy, nice features n stuff, but, WORST support team ever, the ways some of their staff spoke to me for trying to learn was nuts.

    But so far, I like weebly alot, good support, great community they have a fairly decent selection of ad-ons for their builder. the only down side, and the only reason i left my site there is the in-ability to access or allow access to the root file. all because i couldn't install an ads.txt file in my root was the reason i jet.

    Name Cheap is top of my list tho (bottom here technically i guess) lol. aside from a few outdated app's in it like one of the game installers, still stumped on what in the world it does, they offer Soft Aculous which is a really nice 1 click install offering a HUGE assortment of options. you could create and start your own face book style website in minutes. uhh, man, I cant even think of all the possibilities right now but serious, their (from how i feel) limit-less. here i'll just pop in a screen shot below or where ever its gonna show up.
    now the only thing i wish they had was WPMU DEV because even if their support is only rivaled by wpmu, they still dont assist with to much technical aspects. but meh, I found this site so im good to go

  • Jack

    We use Digital Ocean, but also a service on top called Forge (Laravel)

    Forge is "Painless PHP Servers - Provision and deploy unlimited PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, and more." - so it takes us about 20 minutes to create a new server, ready with WordPress installed and all of the DB connections in place.

    The setup we have in place is unquestionably the simplest Cloud method for managing WP sites for us. At $5/m a server (which, in theory, can run multiple sites) and $30/m for Forge (unlimited server management), we couldn't live without it.

    Add that Forge manages LetsEncrypt (free SSL for https), NGINX configs and PHP Configs all from the Server dashboard then you've got a winning mix for Cloud Servers.

    Finally, I have found DigitalOcean to be very reliable and stable offering complete control over our environments.

    Happy to discuss this set up with anyone interested in running their own Cloud setup.

    • amused

      tried Forge,
      very similar to ServerPilot & RunCloud

      ServerPilot has much better Documentation & Support.
      I like how they remove all the frills and keep the panel simple and fast.
      for example i believe wpmudev's plugins have reached such a professional level that one can rely on them for security, backups, speed and mostly its even better to do these on the application level with WordPress.
      so you dont need a complicated hosting control panel that can actually slow down your server,

      the exception to this might be LiteSpeed :slight_smile:
      but i am yet to find a simple and reliable host with them, without the cpanel / plesk etc.

      my pick goes with ServerPilot together with your fav, cloud provider.
      Vultr, DO, Linode etc.
      just pick one thats closets to you/customers etc.
      but ServerPilot is FASSSSST ! :slight_smile:
      always up to date php, security & MySQL.

      For those with the famous issues of solving SSL with DomainMapping
      they offer SNI
      and you can set your app(multisite) to use the dedicated ip which Domain Mapping also requires,
      They have the simplest way to redirect all requests to HTTPS
      its amazing how they have everything thats important yet still seems so simple.

      hey Jack
      can i ask your opinion on Forge's support ?
      do they respond quickly and keep all security updates if one is not a sys admin ?
      kind regards.

      • Jack

        Hey amused,

        We manage (well, I manage!) the servers directly and have learnt how to do sysadmin tasks over the last year. Security updates are applied to the servers automatically, but it's our responsibility to stay on top of versions and patches.

        I haven't had to use Forge's support at all so I cannot provide feedback on their abilities, unfortunately.

        I try to avoid panels and any server tools that have a front end. I manage MySQL through SSH access in SequelPro, NGINX and PHP configs through Forge and everything else through terminal SSH.

        The best things about the setup with Forge and DO is that it's very fast, very cost effective and easy to manage.

  • Jaxom

    Great Question Tyler Postle

    First I avoid EIG hosts even the famous ones such as Bluehost Hostgator Hostmonster and now also Site5 unfortunately. etc. EIG buys smaller hosts, fire their support team and make them all go down in quality.

    I wrote an article on EIG to explain why you should avoid them.

    We use Vultr for all our server needs but I spent the time to learn to Linux so we could move away from the "yes we host WordPress but have no idea how to fix your issues Hosts" to servers under our control.
    We offer our clients a shared environment using cPanel (max share ratio 50 to 1)
    or VPS using CWP Pro all managed in house by us.


  • Brandon

    I'm with DreamHost, specifically on one of their VPS plans. I like them because they have chat support, so it's usually quick and easy to get assistance. I also like the new MySQL VPS option, since I have a large database and that can be a load on the server.

    The thing I don't like so much is that they don't offer support for multisite: if you install multisite you're pretty much on your own. And their email support is extremely slow, which is why I stick with chat.

    • Z

      I use and like Dreamhost. Currently they are still pretty good worth maintaining however they aren't even close to what they used to be.

      I too like the quick support that they provide, and it's the main reason that I signed up with them. The downside is the support that used to be stellar now is people copying links and pasting them in chat or saying "that is not in our scope".

      That's why I have you guys and or Reddit for support. Reddit is simply amazing for support believe it or not.

  • jcakec

    We have gone into Digital Ocean/Linode/AWS for a long time now, as we manage our own service. That way we can test new ideas without having to request for permission to the host.

    I have a few customers with WPEngine and they are happy, we've had some hiccups but they have solved them fast.

    All the other hosts I've tried (and they have been plenty) have a lot of drawbacks (unless your site is only visited by your family).

  • Baldafrican

    I can echo many of the messages above as I too have gone through many hosts including one sold to EIG. So I got to experience the decline of the transition first hand. Therefore I can honestly agree with the sentiment, "Stay away from EIG"

    For shared hosting I have found Siteground to be great! Servers are responsive, can handle most traffic and support is amazing!

    For some other sites we too did the rounds of digital ocean, vultr and Linode. We settled on Linode as they had the best offer at the time and we have not had any reason to move from there since. The servers are really fast as long as you configure it correctly (since it is a barebone solution) and their support is good but nowhere near Siteground obviously. :slight_smile: If you want to go this self managed route, you could always pair your digitlocean, vultr or linode server with serverpilot or easyengine which make it run pretty good.

    So to sum up, for non tech user I would go with Siteground or if your budget allows, I would look at Kinsta too. If you like getting your hands dirty and know some linux, I would go with Linode (although you won't go wrong with DO and Vultr).

  • Arom77

    (What Is DOTW? I've just discovered it today O.o)

    1. My favorite host is OVH, a leading french company.
    Why? Because precisely there are a leading french company :slight_smile: So that means you know there are here to stay and that they are secure and reliable.
    They propose a "WordPress quickinstall" feature but as I never tried it I can't say anything about it, except I read a lot of people advise NOT to use it, as people have problems sometimes weeks or months later, due to the quickinstall in itself.

    2. I'd like them to offer some bonus stuff oriented to WordPress users, a way to make using WordPress more simple for non tech-savvy people.

    • Tyler Postle

      Hey Arom :slight_smile: DOTW is "Discussion of the Week", I'll start including that in the posts. We just started doing them recently, we'll post and sticky a new DOTW each week on Monday...sometimes Tuesday :grin:

      except I read a lot of people advise NOT to use it, as people have problems sometimes weeks or months later, due to the quickinstall in itself.

      Quickinstall features can be really awesome, as some of already mentioned above, but then some can be just terrible :smiley: Hostgator's cPanel quick installer auto-installs about 5 different plugins by default. First thing you see after logging into your site is just a ton of notifications and ads from all the plugins they install "for you". lol you might be able to customize the default I dunno, but I'd recommend not using Hostgator just for that reason, beside the fact that their EIG.


    Cloudways is my choice for nearly a year when dealing with wordpress, either Digitalocean or Vultr servers.
    I choose them because is easy and fast with live chat and regular ticket submission, one click deploy for everything from installation to ssl or mailing. Rackspace is on discount and they keep adding features like the resent CDN.
    One thing that I really appreciate was that they reduce the price when DO reduced their price and that was sweet.
    I use a lot the clone app feature for developing new features on the go, changing the domain when doing so is so easy that I can go in progressive dev. Is not perfect but is the best I've tried.

  • gagabytes

    I am with Interserver for many years now. I guess, it kept me there as I have a small business and managing everything on my own but when it comes to Stack structure improvement, server needs, advice and troubleshooting - the Interserver Tech Support has helped me a lot managing my server including those child accounts and the support granted in a heartbeat. What's not to like to stick with them?

  • iBabko

    Hi All!

    After trying over 20 different hosting companies, I currently end up with

    Here's what I like about

    - Super-fast servers with Litespeed Enterprise.
    - PAY-AS-YOU-GO pricing!
    - User-friendly dashboard.

    Here's some features from the website:

    - AUTOWP - Installation, minor & major updates
    - BACKUPS - Automated incremental backups
    - FREE SSL - Free & custom SSL support
    - CDN - 80+ CDN locations
    - CACHING - Full page, ESI & object cache
    - REGIONS - USA & EU regions
    - COLLABORATION - Never share passwords, all of your team & sites in one dashboard.
    - ADVANCED LOGGING - WAF, PHP and CloudScanner logs inside your site dashboard.
    - FULL SITE MONITORING - Visitors, CPU, Memory, HTTP/S requests, Cache Hit and much more.
    - EXTERNAL CRONS - One-click automated external crons jobs.
    - DNS - Global low-latency DNS for all your domains.
    - ASYNC EMAILS - Under 100ms email delivery.
    - DISASTER BACKUPS - Automatically included, multi-regional backups.
    - DIAGNOSTICS - A smart platform that tells you best practice and possible problems.
    - REAL TIME CLOUD SCANNER - We detect malware's before they are even written to disk.
    - PRIVATE LOAD-BALANCER- Improve your network performance and distribute your cache.
    - STAGING - Make changes but push in production only when they are ready
    - WP-CLI - The command line interface for managing WordPress.
    - GIT - Build software better, together with your teammates.
    - TRANSACTION EMAIL - Build-in transaction email for your site.
    - SSH - A protocol that provides a secure way to access your environment.
    - COMPOSSER - Dependency Manager for PHP.
    - MULTIPLE PHP - PHP 5.6 or 7.0 of your choice.
    - CUSTOM PHP.INI - Make PHP changes from the site dashboard.

  • Tony G

    Like Brandon I'm mostly on DreamHost these days. At about the same time that I signed up with WPMU DEV, I started to grow out of the shared hosting that I've had with DH for over 10 years. (No coincidence.) Before that I was with other shared hosts that don't deserve mention.

    After a lot of looking around for VPS options I decided to stay with DH, now migrating sites from shared to DreamCompute "Cloud Servers". Where VPS is still "mostly" managed hosting, DreamCompute is based on OpenStack where we build everything ourselves - using the exact same hardware resources that are used for VPS. So I've been using Ansible to generate and configure new servers with hardware, OS, LAMP, WP, and SSL. I swear, the power rush is addicting when these can be spun up in seconds. :slight_smile:

    There are no "features" for cloud computing. You load whatever you want and you pay for the hardware you use. It's quite simple. The big thing here is that you really do need to do everything on your own. As someone who was originally terrified of this, I accepted the challenge and have been quite happy with the results. YMMV. Pricing for this is roughly 1 cent per hour per .5GB of RAM. There's a very low monthly cost limit, about the cost of a large mocha, so you can reliably budget every month with no surprises.

    DH has had some knocks in the past about various issues but they're ideal for dirt-simple shared hosting of a few WP sites, and then scaling up through VPS and cloud. Just don't put too much load on shared, and you must be competent with anything else you take on. I never use their chat, but I've posted a lot in their forum (as Starbuck) and have found their assistance there to be really quite good over the last year.

    Tier-1 Support is horrible with every hosting provider I've worked with. I never use email or chat with these companies. Tier-2 is almost always knowledgable, cordial, and effective. Never judge these companies by their common tier-1, always by tier-2, cuz if they do a bad job with that, it says volumes about the business in general. (Compare to WPMU DEV where tier-1 is outstanding and we/I never need tier-2.)

    In addition to DH we're hosting one VPS server with HostGator. Their pricing is average (which means more than I prefer to spend) and they don't have many frills but they're a stable provider and very business friendly. I've also hosted with RackSpace for VPS. To me they're just like HostGator. Just to keep my eggs in a common basket, I'll probably move that one VPS to DH/DC this year.

    What has bothered me about host searching is the huge volume of negative testimonials out there for some of these providers. While it's not logical to dismiss that all as competitively motivated, the massive outcry against specific companies seems to be over the top beyond what one might think is normal. Heed the advice of those have had bad experiences, but beware of too many bad reviews for any of these companies ... unless they're owned by EIG, in which case it's probably deserved.

    • Patricia BT

      I understand your point about EIG, and I'm guilty of having posted one of those comments, so let me tell you 1st hand experience (with Bluehost)

      One of my friends called me to help her with a "problem on her site", she told me that the latest posts she had written were missing as well as the recently uploaded media.

      I investigated a bit, and I knew I had done a specific update 3 weeks earlier and now the previous version was there again. Plus the media files were there on the server, but not present in the media library. So the simplest explaination was that the DB had been replaced by an older one.

      in the support ticket, I asked something like: did you replace the database with one from 3 weeks ago? I know that because the work we have done on WP since 3 weeks is not there anymore.

      their answer : I'm sorry, we don't do WordPress support

      Ok, it's one time, one ticket, but does that inspire trust that if they lose a database, or a full database server or whatever, they restore a 3 weeks old backup ?? AND without telling you!
      plus the fact that the support person didn't even understand that it was not WP support?

      Another story is with Site5. When EIG acquired Site5, they planned to remove the whole support staff. read here on SiteGround (who hired them): quoting:

      Endurance IG has acquired the Site5 brand. It turned out that the new owners had no plans to keep the amazing support team of the company

      so a full team, knowing their systems and servers and customers, removed at once, and they are known for doing that with all the companies they buy? to put low quality support from their own?

      that's enough for me not to trust them, even if a lot of people have good experience with them, like you and I'm happy for you, and even if Bluehost is a global sponsor of all WordCamps in the world (thank you!), and is present in big WordCamps with swag, and that I use their T-shirt as a pyjama, and play with their branded (high-quality) fidget-spinner :joy:
      EDIT: and that, as a WordCamp organiser, we have to thank them officially in a post and a tweet

      • Jaxom

        My article on EIG is also based on direct experience as a WordPress Support Company.
        75% of all of our One Time Emergency Client Fixes are with EIG owned Hosts.
        We recommend they move host and we supply a list of avoid hosts but not a list of recommended as we offer hosting on our purpose built Vultr Servers.
        We have about a 50/50 split of the clients who move (half come to us for hosting and half go somewhere else but we generally get the support) of those that don't move we have a 100% return rate rate for an emergence support fix.

  • Greg

    I'm currently with A2 Hosting, which has an amazing set of features for a very decent price - they are easily one of the fastest in the business with Litespeed servers, SSD (depending on your plan), very generous limits and full cpanel access, including everything from free and automatic Let's Encrypt SSL, SSH access, cron jobs, Cloudflare integration, etc. I'm on their Turbo shared hosting and have no trouble hosting around 25 (low traffic) sites.

    I am, however, planning to change hosts when my contract is up and here's why: They advertise 24/7 support but really their chat is unavailable at least half the time due to "high volume." Which, you know, I understand now and then but with them it's at the point where you really have to take "24/7" with a grain of salt. In any case it's been frustrating when something's gone wrong to not be able to get a hold of anyone for hours on end, or sometimes not at all. They do have a ticket system but it usually takes them several days to respond. It wouldn't be a huge deal except that their uptime, while not terrible, isn't the greatest, so more than once I've gotten downtime notifications, gone to check and found my site was indeed down, tried to chat and found the chat disabled because all the representatives were busy, with the only other option being to either check back later or open a ticket.

    Other than that they're great, and to be fair, uptime issues are still pretty rare, and to be even fairer, I'm getting to the point where I really should upgrade to at least a VPS anyway, but this history of not being able to get a hold of someone in an emergency is too stressful to put up with. Perhaps it'll improve - fortunately they're still an independent company and when you do finally get a hold of someone they're usually pretty helpful. I used to be with Site5, which was the perfect host in every way... until I, too, watched them spiral down the drain after they were acquired by EIG.

    People seem very happy with Siteground so perhaps I'll have to check them out.

  • Dustin Benner

    I will recommend two providers. The first one is based on WordPress performance. We have used WPEngine for some larger scale websites. While there pricing is a bit high as we use the Business version so it runs about $100/mo. But it far pays for itself with the support and the CDN. I can't praise the support enough. Just recently we had a major issue with one site. For some reason we could not edit pages or do anything. Did all the basic trouble shooting on our end. Removed plugins etc. Finally got the support involved. While on chat they could not fix it but escalated a ticket. They installed the site on a staging platform and worked hard with many updates to me over the next 24 hours. Finally they fixed it by uninstalling everything and creating a new config file. Way above and beyond considering it is entirely possible that it was not even there fault.

    So I recommend WPEngine for great wordpress hosting.

    The 2nd host is more of a VPS provider. RamNode.

    We have been using these guys since 2013. While they are unmanaged VPS services the support is all ticket based but they answer tickets at all hours of the day and night and normally within minutes. They are very transparent and post socially on Twitter for outages and any issues that may come up. Most of our own web hosting servers are VPS's from RamNode. And our uptime is rock solid. Prices are about mid level in the VPS world. But again I go for the support and service over cheap. They are a rock solid choice for VPS services.

    That is my two cents for hosting.

  • Fabio Fava

    Cloudways Hosting

    THE HOSTING --> I'm currently using Cloudways, after doing a very deep research for about 18 months. The very first thing you note is that it's FAST, VERY FAST. My home page (with a lot of not very well optimized videos) loading time dropped from 20 sec to 4 sec. The Admin Dashboard got about 10x faster (yes, 10 times faster). On my old shared host, when I had to load an(y) Admin Page, then I could go to prepare a tea. Now they load almost instantly, and both me and every of my clients just LOVED it!

    EASINESS --> Cloudways is the easiest way to make an AWS Server to work. I've been trying to implement one for around an year (I admit I'm not very well versed on DevOps, but their interface makes easy to learn, and very fast learning), but with Cloudways I've deployed my first (still working perfectly) Server in about 20 minutes (including the very short learning curve, helped by the guys on the next item).

    SUPPPORT --> Since the very first time I had to contact support (I always prefer Live Chat to be able to solve issues at the time they appear), they Cloudways Support ALWAYS had helped me. Even when the problem was a WordPress Plugin. Even not being WP their best knowledge, I had 100% of my issues solved!

    PRICING --> In my personal case, my business is in Brazil, and AWS is the only one that have a DataCenter there (São Paulo). This server isn't a cheap one (starting at $ 60/month), but as my business is a Multi Network WordPress Hosting Platform, it got covered with the first couple clients I've hanged on this server. All customers are AMAZED with the speed of it.

    SCALABILITY --> With just a few clicks I can choose to increment (separately) my Server's CPUs and RAM, or just it's DB SSD Space and Files SSD Space. No downtime, no tricks, no games. It just works as I've done it myself (if I knew how to do it very professionaly), easy, fast, simple. It just WORKS!

    I hope it helps someone to find the very best hosting platform, that I really believe is this one.


  • Bill

    I have not had that many hosts over the years. I started with, of all things, Yahoo for business years ago when I was just beginnings. From there, I found WordPress and moved over to HostGator. I then had great plans of selling hosting and went to The PrimeHost for a reseller account because they offered tech support for my customers as well. I have since graduated to my own VPSs with them and no longer use their tech support for my customers.

    I do have to say they have been GREAT over the years! Not only has Darrell been extremely helpful in more ways then one, his tech support has been great for me also.

    At this point there is nothing I think I needed that they have not provided.

  • Greg

    As far as I'm concerned, WPX is the best host for small and medium-sized websites (I haven't got any large ones).

    - It is powered by renewable energy and their company as a very good sustainability policy.
    - The support team might even be better than WPMU's support ! (sorry guys)
    - For the price of one subscription, you get to host up to five websites (which allows me to save a lot of money for my clients), with unlimited subdomains !
    - There is a range of top-notch services, such as server-side security (no need to plug-ins such as WordFence, hence a decreased load-time and decreased upkeep & maintenance), full daily back-ups + the ability to manually backup anything
    - The server's response-time is excellent !

    Maybe there is even more !

  • Mark


    For me, my favourite, as with a lot of things, depends on the end goals. Over the past five years I've rolled-my-own via Amazon AWS, so did do the whole self-hosting/server admin myself; had sites on SiteGround; and sites on Cloudways. So I'd say all three are my favs depending on what it's for.

    Amazon AWS - if I were using WordPress for some kind of multisite platform, using ProSites or similar to provide a type service then no question I would use Amazon AWS. It's more expensive and more work but totally flexible and scalable both up and down. Especially if whatever your offering is, is effectively your core product/service.

    SiteGround - if a client wanted to host their own site away from me for whatever reason, then I would point them to SiteGround. As others have said, their support is excellent and available 24/7/365 and pricing is reasonable. But see below re shared hosting issues.

    Cloudways (Digital Ocean) - for all other sites (both clients and my own) I use this, again as others have said their support is also great and highly available. Pricing is reasonable and gives a good middle ground between a fully self-managed solution such as Amazon AWS and something totally hands off like SiteGround. Also easily scaleable (up at least).

    Worth a quick note that the reason I don't use SiteGround for all my sites in light of my positive review above is that I have fallen foul of their shared solution with multiple sites. A clients site of mine had some issues with a bad bot killing the bandwidth which resulted in in them suspending the whole account which took ALL my sites offline which isn't acceptable in my view. SiteGround, therefore in my opinion, is only suitable for a single site per account. (Worth noting I've never used their VPS service so can't comment on if I would have had the same issue with that or not).

    All that said, if I had to pick just one fav host it would be Cloudways for the fact you effectively get your own server via whatever cloud provider you prefer without the hassle of having to do your own server admin.

    I can't really think of any features I wished Cloudways would offer other than maybe a bit more visibility over what is being charged within their Real-Time Billing section. It's difficult to see what is costing the money as it's just one figure, especially as backups affect your monthly bill. Plus it would be nice to have GBP billing instead of USD like Amazon AWS provides.


  • Jaxom

    Hi All
    I thought I would add this list to the discussion so you know who to avoid

    Hosting Companies Owned by EIG
    Arvixe LLC
    A Small Orange
    Berry Information Systems L.L.C.
    Constant Contact
    Escalate Internet
    Garin IT Solutions Co.
    Garin Technologies
    HostV VPS
    Intuit Websites
    IX Web Hosting
    Networks Web Hosting
    SEO Gears
    SEO Hosting
    SEO Web Hosting
    Southeast Web
    SuperGreen Hosting
    Unified Layer
    Webzai Ltd.
    Webstrike Solutions

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