DOTW: WPMU DEV Hosting! Your likes and dislikes so far (Participation = 5 Hero Points)

Many of you, especially the level 4+ members, likely already seen that we are getting close to launching our WPMU DEV Managed Hosting service! Very exciting. It has been in the Test Center for a couple weeks closed to only level 4+. Today we have opened the Hosting Beta for ALL active members :tada:

Still a lot of work to be done, but we’re ready for you all to hammer it with some more testing. After you’ve done that lets hear what you liked, so we don’t remove it, and what you disliked, so we can improve it!

If this is all news to you, then check out Ronnie’s announcement post. Avoids me repeating everything, but make sure you come back here after :smiley:


Okay, without further ado:

1. What do you like about our hosting so far?
2. What do you dislike about our hosting so far?
3. Do you have any feature requests? ie. solutions to your dislikes

You can list as many as you like for each one.


DO NOT report bugs here. If you find a bug or need help with an issue then start a live chat or ticket with our support team, that will ensure that it gets logged properly :slight_smile:

*If any of your likes or dislikes are the same as someone else’s please still mention it. The quantity of likes or dislikes for certain areas will be noted and help us with priorities.

*We’ll be integrating Shipper into the Hosting UI to facilitate Migrations. The plugin is currently still in beta, level 4+ members can try it out here:

*Billing and upgrade costs are still being worked on, more to come on that soon. I'm curious though, for anyone willing to share, how much would you expect additional sites to cost? or rather what cost would it need to be for you to move all your sites to us. Reasonably of course... $1 per add-on site would be great, but won't happen :p


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  • DigiBlueArc

    I like the idea of hosting with WPMU Dev because of your understanding of what we need as a host for WP. However, when I priced you previously, it was way more than I'm paying for my rack with currently 4 servers. Also, for my blockchain, I need Docker, I wonder if your hosting will have that program; ie. plesk integrates it.

    I built what I call "base camp" with your plugins for security and other aspects for SEO, marketing, posting high traffic sites etc... so I'm a huge fan and I wouldn't sell my membership for a million dollars, it makes me way more than that every year. Thanks for the great service you offer and stand behind.

    I think your DOTW improved the discussions.. keep up the great work. --rick

  • Baldafrican

    Hey Tyler Postle

    I have setup a few sites so far and am loving it.

    What I love about it is having my plugins and hosting from the same company allows issues to be resolved much quicker as there is no go between wpmudev and a hosting provider. The speed is not bad either.

    What I am not so keen on at present is the object caching. Seem to have to flush it quite often for various reasons. Have gone through a few tickets on this.

    As for price - seeing as the specs are very similar to DO, I would say an entry server would be between $5 - $10 :grimacing:

  • Chris

    I like that it feels pretty snappy so far, and is preloaded with all my favorite go to tools!

    I hate learning new interfaces, while I am sure that someday I will likely love this control panel, right now learning a new one - it is just getting in my way.

    I can't figure out how to get shipper installed, so that's a head scratcher. Why isn't it preloaded with all of the other favorite tools!?

    Email accounts?

  • Fabio Fava

    Hey there!

    Well I like it so much! Most of it is amazing, but there are a few UI/UX glitches (all already reported above by our colleagues). The whole experience is delightfull, specially for not-so-expert users that will start doing that things first time, but a couple things I could be changed:

    - Staging Server Name - we should be able to choose the name we want for the Staging.

    - VERY UNSTABLE - maybe I had bad luck on my containers, but on a Multisite, when 2 concurrent queries (from 2 sites on the MU), the server was crashing. Not sure if it's memory or some MySQL or other server's setting, but it crashes a lot. That's why I kinda stopped using: it's not stable enought for production, and on the other hand the Nginx-only container is not compatible with my Cloudways containers (Nginx + Apache), so The Shipper can't do the job as it does when both sites are on the same server (or exactly same config).

    Well, I hope we can get this all fixed both Staging, Unstability & The Shipper being able to migrate from Nginx to Apache (or Apache + Nginx like Cloudways). This would make much easier and safer to migrate my clients to our hosting platform.


  • Debbie

    WOW, I missed the first announcement on this so I haven't had a chance to test anything. I'm excited by the nothing shared dedicated hosting environment! And 3 starter containers free is a great perk with membership.

    As far as pricing goes: the starter container looks to be similar to pricing of $4-6/month USD for a shared hosting plan. Of course the WPMU Managed Hosting has more features than some shared hosting plans, and it's not shared hosting, although there was mention of keeping the cost similar to shared hosting so... for upgraded plans some have unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth with 2-4GB of memory for $10-12/month USD.

    I saw someone else ask about email. Will email need to be from another provider?

    I apologize if this question will be answered after I get site set up in the hosting: Will it be possible to access each site/files via ftp too? Or is each site only accessible via the hosting section in The Hub?

    I'm eager to jump in and test! And then to see what the pricing will be. I'm already thinking about moving some of my own sites & projects over. Not sure about current client sites, I may move some. But once it's out of beta I'd like to add have new client sites hosted here.

    Very exciting, thanks!

    • Ronnie Burt

      Hi Ralph, glad to hear it! For now, client sites will have to be billed through your normal invoicing routines. We've started drawing up plans for how we could potentially make it easy for you to turn payment of individual sites over to clients should you wish to do so, but that's realistically a long ways off, and we aren't quite sure the best way to make that happen so that it will be most useful to members. Any ideas you have on that, I'll make sure we add to our discussions!

  • Riley with SOZO.DO

    I'm pretty excited about the possibilities with this. Seems like more and more companies are offering this kind of managed hosting solution, but that's great because I hate dealing with hosting. We just want to focus on building beautiful websites. :grin: I'm most excited though because wpmudev specializes in multisite. Most of the time these other hosts charge unreasonably more for multisite and CDN usage and such, and it's really frustrating... nothing but markup opportunity for them. I refuse to pay it. So please don't do that nonsense, and you'll have our business! :relieved:

    On thing I would like to see is a white-labeled billing center that could be easily handed off to clients. I could see that being a huge attraction! Flywheel does this well. A few other hosts do too. It could be a simple, clean page that allows us to put our logo on it and a few words, and then has a payment form for accepting a card and starting a billing schedule at a price and schedule we set. I realize that's easy to say and harder to build. Payment processing is terrible for everyone. But, that's why this would be great even if it was a super bare-bones experience.

  • Tony G

    I have a lot of thoughts, will summarize each and can elaborate if required.

    Email : A completely separate offering but a necessary component and forever recurring theme here and elsewhere. I recommend a round-table discussion (Slack, forum threads, whatever) to discuss this important road bump. Ultimately there should be a single curated page setup to document options, whether DIY (my solution), collaboration, or commercial offerings.

    Marketing/Documentation: There are way too many incidents where some good detail about this product is randomly mentioned in this forum. Please thoroughly document the offering in one place to reduce the random forum enquiries. Flag the whole thing as a Work In Progress. Flag details as "Subject to Change" or "Under consideration". Update it frequently as policy is established, details are finalized, and features rolled out. You need a liaison between Development and Marketing to ensure you can produce a clear statement of what this product Does and Does Not include, now, and possibly later. How this works is simple: When management approves devs to work on a feature, communicate that to Marketing as well as the devs!

    Suitability: It really surprised me when I James asked if anyone had gone production with Hosting yet. Given the numerous and obvious issues that would prevent the most minimal of sites from going production, I have to believe that he is not fully informed of the unsuitability of this offering for production use. That's brutal, sorry, call it "tough love". I hope this product sees a few more months of continued Beta activity before you release it to Production/GA. Premature release of this specific offering could have devastating impact on WPMU DEV and your clients who will rely on you for this business-critical functionality.

    Value: Awesome! We're getting a VPS config at Shared pricing. I'm sure you will be able to earn a good volume of revenue from refugees from common shared hosting companies. I think it will be important for Marketing to clearly distinguish this offering so that it's not confused in the huge pool of other offerings that people commonly used for comparison shopping. Differentiation is the key to success here. I believe this initially will only be available to those who have WPMU DEV memberships. There is a chicken-and-egg relationship there that needs to be understood by your Marketing people.

    The site maintenance screens: Well done. Very informative. More than expected. Somewhat redundant with in-site tools.

    Staging-to-Live: This will be a cool and valuable feature that I haven't seen elsewhere. I recommend this as another point to be accentuated in Marketing.

    Integrations: I see strong relationships between Hosting and Hub. "Spin up a new site, pre-load it with your favorite plugins and configuration settings for specific application types". There's some real hunger for that. People are already asking about White Label solutions and third-party billing ... a great application for MarketPress.
    Consider this scenario: WPMU DEV Accounting offers transaction detail via CSV, possibly retrievable as a Google spreadsheet, downloadable via API/webservice. We then use custom code to read and manipulate that. Then we push it into MarketPress on our sites (via it's awesome but as-yet-nonexistent API) to create an Order for our clients who are purchasing managed business application solutions. Now wouldn't that be a beautiful world to live in? :slight_smile:
    As always, I see you guys doing all of this manual work with no mention of an API that would facilitate the creation of such integrations by Dev and by us in the field. I'm excited about Hosting but disappointed that this product will follow the same path as others with regard to lack of integration despite the huge opportunities that it offers.

    MultiSite with Subdomains: I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. My ideal scenario would be to use an API to add a subdomain, add it to a multisite, add a DNS entry (or support wildcards), secure with SSL, and do other WP-CLI functions to instantly prepare it for use. (And of course to remove it as easily.) I have an application immediately waiting for this.

    There is a consistent theme in all of this: Identify what this product does have and doesn't have, and make it very simple for us to build solutions around the Platform which you have created.
    So far I don't think WPMU DEV has been thinking along these lines. You're still thinking about creating products, not a platform, and yet you're selling annual memberships to a platform. Forminator was a step in the right direction, supporting an API, addons, and integrations - and it needs much more work. I crave more of the same across all existing Dev products, and I dread the thought that you're going to keep creating new MVP-quality products (sort of spraying the wall with a shotgun) without maximizing the potential of what you already have, which includes over a hundred active plugins and an infrastructure to support their mostly-isolated usage.

    • James Farmer

      Thanks as ever Tony, a few quick thoughts:

      - Documentation / marketing = being put together as we go (clearly we need a nice big email section) and the marketing should be ready when the service is itself

      - Suitability = We've had on the setup for, I think, a couple of months now, you'd be surprised how stable things are, although the team can comment more on this

      - Value = I can absolutely guarantee you that we'll offer more value for a significantly lower price than all of the relevant competition, this is both because of the stack & system we're using and also down to what else we offer.

      'Recipes' - Coming as soon as possible

      API - absolutely, also very much under consideration, usage and experience will guide us here

      • Ronnie Burt

        Just to elaborate a bit more, we do have - which will ultimately be the final home of all the info you could ever need. It is a bit sparse for now, but getting better daily. We're still in a relatively private beta, in that it is members only, so there's not really a good way or place for more detailed marketing info. But soon :slight_smile:

        As for email, it is clear from feedback that many are used to hosts that provide email, even though I don't know of any WordPress managed hosts that do so. Better integration with email providers, however, is something we've been looking into a lot for sure.

        As always, appreciate the feedback!

        • Tony G

          Ronnie Burt said:

          As for email, it is clear from feedback that many are used to hosts that provide email, even though I don't know of any WordPress managed hosts that do so.

          As one example: At DreamHost we purchase a single account. They provide email services, with unlimited email for any domain hosted there. Under that one account we can create any number of Shared sites. We can also create DreamPress sites with Managed WordPress Hosting. Note from their DreamPress Overview that they host these sites in their own DreamCompute VPS instances. We can use their email services for domains hosted in these unmanaged "droplets" as well.

          So with that company, email comes with the base service, regardless of what other services we layer on like managed hosting (which I never use, just to be clear :wink: ).

          On the flipside of that, their email services are awful for too many reasons to get into here. It's certain that they've lost a lot of business to other hosts and that they might continue to do so - refugees fleeing with their entire website just to get away from bad email services.

          Personally, I don't use their email. I host sites there but have some email hosted with a third party, and the rest I've been migrating to my own Zimbra server. This is the scenario that WPMU DEV has started to create by default ... host your site here but do something else with your email.

          Honestly I don't envy your position. I don't think you should get into the email business but you're going to have people trying to push you to do so. You could get RBL'd or hacked and the entire company could be tarnished as reward for an attempt to support broken protocols that are over 35 years old and that should have died a long time ago. You will lose business for not providing the services, but I believe you can prevent substantial loss by still being a good solution reference for those details you do not support.

          This is why I suggested posting really good documentation for people so that they know their email options, as you make it clear that you aren't going to take on responsibilities that are not in line with your core offering. Be firm about the problem and the solutions that are available. The more solutions you document the less you're going to get people insisting that you provide this service, as though it's related to what you've decided to offer.

          Better integration with email providers, however, is something we've been looking into a lot for sure.

          That dove-tails with the above. I'd advise not actually integrating with email service providers. That creates an air of implicit responsibility and the only benefit is that it gives the impression that you're providing a service even though it's completely pass-through. That pretense at being a single-party provider of all related IT services is not necessary, despite many companies who claim they like to put all their eggs in one basket. They do that so that they can get single-party support - which you wouldn't be providing with basic integrations. So no one really wins with that business-oriented approach to get around a technical problem, which is that this is something you weren't interested in doing in the first place.

          HTH ... Good luck.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree with the usage of multisite subdomain set-up. Great idea to have the dns set-up and more automation.

      MultiSite with Subdomains: I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. My ideal scenario would be to use an API to add a subdomain, add it to a multisite, add a DNS entry (or support wildcards), secure with SSL, and do other WP-CLI functions to instantly prepare it for use. (And of course to remove it as easily.) I have an application immediately waiting for this.

      More white-labeling is cool too.
      Make it possible to connect my domain name to the wpmudev nameservers.
      Make lets encrypts wildcard possible.
      And for me, I would like to have access to easy google suite mx records settings for each subdomain created. Just set all my clients up and running on my goole suite account with standard MX records.
      As soon as the subdomain is getting active, I will do tests, .. and go live.
      Especially since I really want to use the multisite ready staging environment.
      I look forward to leave my shared hosting solution :wink:

  • Michael Kastler

    Love the idea that hosting, reporting, management of sites would be all under one dedicated umbrella, and am definitely going to set some test sites up that I can experiment with!

    I've used GoDaddy and Flywheel primarily, with varied success. GoDaddy is ... well, it's GoDaddy. Grew itself too quickly, somewhat unstable (though better lately), and support is a roll of the dice what kind of help you get. I do love their integration of reporting through prosites, but the recent changes to affiliate program is horrible. Flywheel has incredible service and reasonably fast servers, with good support/management and an easy to understand (if a bit "dumbed-down") interface --- but fall flat on reporting, whitelabeling, and community.

    So what I'd be most excited about from wpmudev hosting is these bullets (I'll put the ones i'm looking for most in caps):
    * Integrated, automated reporting of all activity and services provided by WPMU and myself (you have this now). My one complaint of the reporting from WPMU currently is I'd like to see more detailed performance reporting - especially seeing ttfb loads over time. Maybe an option to include New Relic on a site? Ideally to be able to turn it on for testing, then off again as it tends to be a resource hog.
    * Great support - including community support (you guys rock at this too)
    * MULTISITE support and speed - my largest clients right now are multisite, so finding good support and management of that environment is critical to me. Speed in particular seems to be an issue with larger installs, particularly my multi-site ecommerce configuration that uses a single, large woocommerce database to support 8-10 brand sites.
    * WHITELABEL - I'd love to have whitelabeled hosting and management available. Flywheel has this, but it's too pricey imho. Managing hosting costs and billing from the hub would be _awesome_!
    * QUICKBOOKS integration - related to the above, provide integrations to various accounting packages ... or at least QB, since that's the one I use :wink:
    * AFFILIATE - In addition to project and support, I have made some good $$ off the various hosting solutions via their affiliate programs. Don't know if you already have this, but if not - get it! :smiley:

    That's all i can think of at the moment - but am definitely excited to test it out, thanks!!

  • Tony

    Ok so I just tried several times setting up the first site. Here is what I am running into:

    Once the site is created, I installed Divi theme and then tried to upload a child theme which afterwards the site crashed on me. Message: is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500

    I did this a couple times with the same result.

    Hence, I decided to restart again and installed Backup Creator plugin to clone my current site over and it crashed the site with same error. So thats where I'm at right now.

    Thank you...looking forward to being able to use this and see how it goes.


  • Achim

    I already love the Hosting-Service :slight_smile: Though i didn't have time to explore everything...

    Here some good points:
    - hosting-locations (GDPR)
    - super-easy setup and managing
    - being able to choose a subdomain

    Some questions that came to my mind:
    - Did you prepare a DPA for me to sign? (also GDPR)
    - Is it possible to "freeze" wordpress-version? i don't want to be the first to update to 5.0 :wink:
    - Will you also sell domains?
    - Do you recomend an E-mail-Service or will you offer one? I'm using G Suite now, does what i want.

    Best regards!

  • mbitcon

    I Love the new hosting service - currently testing with a rather unimportantly site of mine, but the beginnings look very promising!

    What would I like to see?
    Make it possible to tick a box and preinstall Shipper :slight_smile:
    Apache to Nginx -config conversion
    Make it possible to filter the PHP error log file for keywords -> life saver when debugging!
    Graph for average load time in the Analytics section

    What do I like? All the rest!

  • aTz

    I love this idea.

    First off, regarding pricing: It would need to be a win-win scenario.
    Most businesses like ourselves use dedicated servers or VPS's to host our clients' websites. That would mean relatively fixed costs, covering let's say 30 websites.

    So depending on the specs provided in the hosting packages, moving to a cost-per-client site will have to be cost-effective. Probably between $3 and $10 dollar range dependent on specs?

    White Labeling the hosting environment would certainly also make it very attractive (or even WHMCS integration).

    Regarding the setup - I found the setup very easy and quick, plus the staging environment has brilliant features with the push of a button (including easy syncing although I haven't really been able to test syncing yet) - thank you for that!

    Dashboard: I live the simplicity, yet lots of important information easily accessible. Especially the Analytics and Activity logs are very welcome!

    ***Please just ensure that we have a choice not to have updates run automatically! Too high risk that a new release can ruin a site. (core and plugins)

    Maybe certain extra precautions can be included in the installation by default? Small things such as the .htaccess file including "Options -Indexes", admin user ID other than 1, etc etc. (The standard hardening procedures). It's not iron-clad, but better than nothing and it would certainly save some time in setting up a new site.

    Email accounts: My clients are usually hosted on cPanel, so email accounts come standard. This would be great to include.

  • Rhonda

    This is SO EXCITING!

    1.) I love that it adds so much more amazing value to my already indispensable subscription.
    2.) No dislikes yet... will be moving over several sites this weekend to start trying it out and will update if I come across anything!
    3.) I see that there is a staging environment included - will there also be a development environment? I work with a lot of clients who have existing sites that we first move away from sub-standard hosting services, and then we build a new site in a dev environment that we can easily and seamlessly push to live when it's complete. We have been using WP Engine for this but it sounds like your hosting will be very competitively priced and I would love to be able to offer a variety of options to these clients, who often are digging out of bad situations with previous developers and are operating on tight budgets.

    I'm really looking forward to trying everything out! Thanks!!

  • Nick

    I'm running into issues on this server with the dashboard text widget in branding that i'm not experiencing on other servers. There is nothing under that tab. Any ideas? I've tested in on local and on another server and it seems to be working well. i haven't installed any other plugins outside of wpmudev plugins. Everything is awesome so far. i think this is going to be an incredible solution! Looking forward to the full roll-out.

  • René

    Hi friends,
    This is awesome news, it will be nice to use the fantastic plugins and the awesome support from WPMUDEV together with hosting on the same platform.
    This will improve security, speed and many other benefits for me as a webdesigner and to my clients with managed WP contracts.
    I'm using Cloudways for a couple years now, i always use the Digital Ocean servers, 2GB - 50GB-1CPU for $22 in datacenter Amsterdam. (my market is Belgium & Holland)
    But i only place max 5 WP sites on it, works fine, not always fast, but ok.
    So if WPMUDEV makes a good offer & a perfect integration for the servers with all the other products i would consider moving all my sites here, but lets wait and see...
    I will install and do some testing and give feedback.
    Thank you WPMUDEV for this nice surprise.

  • Mike D

    Email: If you don't want to get into it then consider outsourcing it. But one way or another, almost every business owner will need it. People here who don't seem to care much about it are likely the independent contractors and can operate their business out of a gmail account. But I bet most of their customers, the people we build sites for, will need or want it. It's not professional at all to send, for example, monthly newsletters to subscribers to advertise business from a free mail service. These owners are going to have to either get a separate PAID email service alongside wpmudev hosting. Sure, there's a service to solve every demand but having two separate services for one domain is just annoying. Godaddy understood this, that's why they became the obvious choice for so many, login once and manage domain, website and email all at once.

    So like I suggested, if you dont want to be distracted from wp hosting then consider getting a 3rd party to provide it through you, resell it to us. You could probably negotiate better rates for all your customers than we could get on our own. But please dont leave it hanging. Email is still a necessary evil unfortunately. How do you think I get notifications about this thread? How would you invoice us without email??

    • Tony G

      Not as a rebuttal, just an observation... it always strikes me as just a different way of thinking (neither right nor wrong) when there is an Implied linkage between email and site hosting. The main connection is the domain name, but we use DNS/MX to forge that linkage. Otherwise there is no real link between these concepts - and yet that link is Very often implied, assumed, demanded.

      We don't insist on getting our gas/petrol from the auto manufacturer.
      We don't insist that the post office sell envelopes.
      We don't insist that the liquor store sell glasses.
      We don't insist that the kids' clothing store sell toys.
      We don't get our prescription reading glasses from the bookstore.
      We don't get gardening services from the people who sell us the garden hose.

      Many businesses provide some of these "peripheral" offerings purely as a convenience, because it's perfectly natural that the client for one item will be interested in another. That's good business. But again, these links are not implied, assumed, nor demanded ... as we see with email and website hosting.

      And in this specific case, I have NEVER been pleased with the email services coming from a website host. ALL of them (just my experience) have disappointed me with their inability to provide this very nuanced service when they went into business for something completely different. ALL of them have suffered significant loss of business and customer mindshare by doing poorly in this specific area when they have otherwise done very well with their core business. "I can't get my email, I'm taking my business elsewhere" is an extremely common complaint. And for those who insist on this single-payor solution, I guarantee you they aren't going to care if WPMU DEV is outsourcing or partnering for email services - if there are complaints, they will be targeted here and dis-satisfied clients will take their single-payor business elsewhere.

      Look, this isn't fantasy. I've seen this scenario play out many times over the last 25 years that the internet has been a common "thing". I'm just saying "do it well or don't do it at all". And I say that in self defense. Because anything that impacts WPMU DEV negatively affects their revenue and their ability to continue providing the quality software and services that I want. So I'm very adamant when it seems like they might be inclined to do anything that will cause me to spend more time in chasing bugs or looking for new solutions. Everyone here is as motivated as I am for the same reasons. Let's not push this company to do something that they're not ready to do. Encourage them to consider this as a v2 option, but please don't push them too hard on this for v1.

  • aTz

    For reference, I thought I’d duplicate the basics from a ticket I created:

    It seems sites are deployed as single sites, regardless of checking the multisite option during setup. So far I have to convert every deployed site to multisite after installation.

    After about 2 days, on 2 of my 3 sites, my admin user was replaced with a “testing1” user and the email address of an incsub employee, which was weird. There was only that 1 user in the database, so my created completely dissapeared and I couldn’t add a new Super Admin. I deleted the one site and started over...let’s see if it happens again...

    The SFTP works very smoothly and the option to change your primary domain is brilliantly easy and takes effect instantly.

    A big thank you for SSL, too!

  • Patricia BT


    I installed my "heavy" site there to test it. it's a multisite full of plugins, some in beta tests, and that I use as a playground. there is no visit, beside me and maybe google

    it's actually slow. I did not do precise benchmarks but I see it slow, (compared to my other host, which is also slow), and compared to an install (similar, I copied the test), on a cloudways/D.O account (basic with 1 core/1GB/London location)

    I did not experienced any server error like other users, but did not extensively tested it. Also, when I read other people experience, I think it's better for me to wait to use it for my business sites. I will probably use it for my personal, family sites for now.

    About the use of it for customers, I went away to that kind of setup, and use the "hit-by-a-bus" setup now = if I were to die tomorrow, they would only have to give admin credentials to another WP contractor, without the need to migrate etc. so sub-hosting, "pro sites", reseller setups are not anymore in my service line, and my clients have their own host now (and without being hit by a bus, it's already much less worries = some of the requests and issues go to the host instead of me now...)

    that to say I do not see me using this hosting setup for a customer, however for some business projects of mine (1 membership site, 1 local listing, and more ) I might use it in the future, when it will have been proven reliable, and depending on the price.

    the fact that is separated is good, even though I would have loved to be able to copy things among installs. I would have liked to be able to setup several WP installs in 1 "site", but for that I would need the DNS to be able to point to a server subfolder and the option to have several DB, but then it would defeat the purpose of 1 install = 1 account, and the security coming from that.

    looking forward to see the future of it all

  • Matthew

    1.) Likes Dedicated memory at shared pricing / overall UX / I like the quircky temporary domain names
    2.) Dislike - time it takes to setup hosting account, although might be normal being dedicated memory.
    3.) Suggestions - Said many times above but seconding the white label payment soloution for clients. Perhaps also a partner link where members can ask clients to register their hosting account linked to the white label billing.

  • Tyler Postle

    Thanks to everyone that has been providing feedback! I'm extending this DOTW one more week and also doubling the Hero points :slight_smile: everyone who participates(or already has) will get 10 Hero points instead of the 5. The points will be sent before next Tuesday, so don't worry if you haven't received them yet.

    And hope all those in the US have a great Thanksgiving! :turkey:

    Keep the hosting feedback comin' :dev-man_4:

  • Manuel

    1. What do you like about our hosting so far?

    I like what I see so far. I created a wpmu dev-website and combined it with one of the Divi theme and in less than 10 minutes I had a beautiful website created all ready to be edited. ‘’Light at the end of the tunel’’, I thought!
    I have to add the fact that I already know wpmu dev , as member, through their great support/staff, and forums. We also have a CEO that ‘learned the ropes and is all the time on the ball’, and now cares to offer reasonable costs for wp Hosting. Or to quote:

    - Value = I can absolutely guarantee you that we'll offer more value for a significantly lower price than all of the relevant competition, this is both because of the stack & system we're using and also down to what else we offer.

    A- Seems to me a great combination of a honesty and great willingness that stands to reason to help wpmu dev members. What you’re doing is to be praised and appreciated. What wpmu dev members in general are saying in forums, and particularly by those that understand the workings of wordPress and wpmu dev plugin(s) etc, and importantly can profit from this knowhow, are proof to me that no matter what wpmu dev ventures in is going to be successful. Thanks for the great service you offer already and now being extended further. Personally I have to congratulate you in advance for this new introduction. Here is why:
    B- The idea of having to find a new host almost every year is crazy. In my experience Hosting Companies tend to be unfair and unreasonable. On ''shared plans'' these hosts tend to punish these who use low data and few resources, usually the inexperienced but eager to learn trying to come up with a website; Hosting Companies instead of going for the ones who ‘hog’ huge amounts of data from their server(s) instead they punish the naïve and the less experienced user. They can be also exploitive and show dishonesty to the point that one can't cancel accounts with them, but this is another story: Here is a simple example of what I am saying going on right now as I write this:
    C- One of my Hosting Company, for one of my websites, last year charged me exactly $134:35 dollars for, call it,’’ sharing geek’’. This year the Host increased the price renewal to exactly $582:29; for the same period of (1).year and same plan. My website never worked properly, their support couldn’t fix it and my private bigpond email account got spammed by them; receiving weekly, in some duplication 25, 50, 70 emails at time (*) I mentioned this recently in a DOTW, wondering if any other member had the same or simillar experience*) ‘THERE IS A DATA ERROR WITH YOUR’ – On inspection,this error/linked and pointed exactly to my/this Server. When I reported it and forward the ''error'' email(s) to this Hosting Company for their perusal, the Host replied that they couldn’t/weren’t able to receive my/these emails!? I wonder why not.

    2. What do you dislike about our hosting so far?

    Dedicated Best WP Hosting Servers; Staging for Websites; WP Multisite Support; CDN; Add On. Add On… What’s Not to Like? :relieved:
    Like I said I am impressed so far to the point of thinking that finally I can see a way to use what I’ve learned re: WordPress and venture going into business. In no way before I would risk it because of the bad experience(s) with my Server(s). :anguished:
    3. Do you have any feature requests? ie. Solutions to your dislikes
    I just like to add that for what I know and have read about, adding hosting accounts for email seems to be usually discouraged. Though this usually points to the Server being unreliable; in a situation where the hosting company can guarantee that the site will never go down this would prove greatly advantageous and very profitable in the long run. :honey_pot:

  • DigitalPowerups

    So far so good! I've only played with it a small amount.

    A big part of my business this year has been moving my clients to my own hosting environment for hosting and maintenance packages.

    I'm wondering if there will be plans for a login area for clients outside of the hub? is white label going to be an option, similar to how you can white label cpanel accounts?

    I'm also really hoping for a WHMCS integration, would that be in the plans?

  • Destination Sud France

    I moved out for a couple of months some months ago (budget reason so not because I was unhappy!) and just came back ... and saw this. Big (nice) surprise for me as I came back to work out a hosting strategy where wmpudev would be involved for their plugins ... but now hosting is even possible. For a small agency in start-up phase this is pretty cool. Just wondering if email/domain will also be possible. I now use i.e. for domains, have hosting as different have a one-stop-shop for my small webdesign/hostig business would really be great. Can't wait to see the pricing model/different plans available (+ ofcourse the techn.specs).


  • Adam

    Loving the initial scores when running the website on audits such as gtmetrics. The ease of use when setting up sites and the straight-forward control panel.

    Migrating a site was a breeze too so very much looking forward to the issues being ironed out, such as forms not working on sites, but it's shaping up nicely.

    Looking forward to reviewing the pricing structure to see if it's something I can work with and host our sites on it.

  • Yogen

    Well! I love the wpmudev hosting dashboard. Its very clean and easy to use.
    A bundle of features arranged very neatly.

    What I dont like is, the theme and plugin link takes me away to blog post which talks about themes and plugins. What I hoped was by clicking the link I would be forwarded to theme and plugin selection page where I would see Install link to install it instantly.
    There should also be an option to select editor on or off so that we can customize child theme internally.

  • Mark

    Hi all,

    I can't believe I've only just spotted this announcement! Good timing too as planning on reviewing my hosting -- currently with Cloudways -- early next year.

    So far liking the fact it's going to be everything under one roof; and provisioned sites come with, what I would consider core plugins from WPMU Dev, already installed so less work for me! Big thumbs-up for going with IPv6 support from day one too!

    That said, on the downside including Snapshots as well would be even better, plus enabled Uptime bye default.

    On a similar note/dislike, some clarification around some of the platform integrations with the plugins would be good. For example, I guess the backup in the Hosting section is different from Snapshot backups? Similarly, is Page Cache to be enabled in Hummingbird or is that just on by default at back-end level?

    So far performance seems good compared to existing Cloudways, although haven't tested a MU setup yet, planning on doing some over coming days.

    In terms of pricing hopes, I currently budget around $4 per site when pricing up client sites, so hoping extra sites will be somewhere around $4/$5 per month at Small level. Which brings up another question around using for client sites, I assume that is going to be allowed?

    Finally regarding any feature request. I haven't thought of anything so far but do have an anti-feature-request in that some have asked for including email services as part of the hosting. I would say actually don't do that. There are plenty of email services out there already such as Zoho Mail, Office 365, Gmail and G Suites. I would say stick with keeping it just hosting so support and development staff aren't 'distracted' by email issues and can keep resources 100% concentrated on providing the best hosting solution possible.


  • Jhon Hernandez

    Hello, I'm new to the community.

    I had a project in mind and I was looking at some options, I was trying the wordpress service "easyWP" by Namecheap which I found to be quite interesting, a dedicated hosting instead of a shared hosting.

    my project is a digital agency for ecommerce, so I had to think about good SEO, optimization, security, etc. and I know that "Wpmu dev" fulfills that purpose :slight_smile:.

    That's not all, now they are working on dedicated hosting for wordpress, this is great. So far I am testing the hosting. I have done some tests and compared with the "easyWP" by NameCheap. I see more complete the Wpmu DEV for the single fact of being able to integrate domains and subdomains without restrictions, choose the datacenter and more. .

    So far I have tested the following:

    1. Easy Wordpress installation: OK
    2. Integration of domains and subdomains: OK
    3. SFTP connection: OK
    4. Measure site speed: Testing
    5. Automatic banckups: OK

    So far I like all options that have the hosting, every time I feel more convinced to contract with "Wpmu dev". Here I have tools and hosting. I could not ask for more.

    as soon as the price. I would like you to be competitive with the "easyWP" plans of NameCheap, your most economic plan is 10GB SSD $ 29.88 / year with Save 50% on First Year.

    Recommendation: Enable the option to configure the php.ini to modify the resource sizes. eg. Maximum upload file size: 512M. So far only allows 128M which is very little for my requirements.

    Thank you very much for your great work.

    note: sorry for my english, I hope you can understand my redactions.

  • PowerQuest

    Well first off I never come further than just viewing on the setup/configuration page interface for the hosting, but there is also a reason why I never even completed and tried it...

    The list of features is kind of nice:

    - Choice of 8 data centers
    - Free SSL Certificates via Let's Encrypt
    - Dedicated IP, Memory, and SSD Storage (per site!)
    - Incremental Backups
    - One-click Staging
    - CDN via Smush & Hummingbird
    - Security via Defender
    - SFTP & SSH
    - phpMyAdmin
    - WP-CLI
    - Git, Composer, & NPM
    - Object Cache
    - Activity & Access Logs
    - IPv6 Support!

    BUT... your packages (I know BETA...) is very small for WPMU sites quote:

    As part of this beta period, you are limited to three of the ‘starter’ containers for now, with 1GB of dedicated memory, 5GB of storage, and 1 CPU for each site. This should handle the majority of websites out there with no problems. Coming soon, there will be upgraded plans that allow for more!

    For security reasons I won't reveal the exact server configuration we have. But I can tell you that our servers (dedicated of course), have way more than 1 GB memory more in the region of plus 32 GBish. Plus disk size is very small too comparing to our servers that have several hundreds of GB disk space on SDD of course..

    With that said I understand that not everyone has the special needs that we have in regards to a high performance server requirements and configuration. I do miss in your offer also that you offer VPS servers etc. But you might already are planning for that in the coming future as this project is quite new? :smirk:

    For example at our host we can easily within minutes start up powerful VPS servers with a click of a button.
    Below of just a few examples packages (and there is of course loads of others we can chose from..):

    So why the heck should we use you in the first place, right?

    I think you wpmu dev guys should focus more on quality and performance then offer "cheap hosting" packages for the masses as it always (well mostly) true what the well known old wise word say's:
    You always get what you pay for.

    In other terms I rather pay more dimes for really strong quality performance server packages then just having some cheap small packages to choose from. There is already too many “cheap hosts” out there, so why be last new sucker offering the same deal right?

    There should be of course small packages for those that need them too of course, but you might consider offerings to those that have more demanding needs in terms of server types..

    In own my personal opinion; selling your product on price and trying to compete on that is mostly a bad idea because that is what everyone else does. So you better go a different route and focus on pure quality and value for your potential customers instead which may have to pay a dime or nickel more for it, but be glad that they just do that for the higher value they receive.
    So that is my 5 cents I guess :thinking:


    • Ronnie Burt

      Hi PowerQuest - I appreciate the feedback. I agree, this offering won't fit all needs and won't be for all of our customers.

      These are VPS environments - each individual site gets its own. And we do plan on offering plans almost up to the specs that you mention very soon.

      We've been hosting high availability, large scale, and enterprise customers for over a decade which is why we feel very comfortable in what we are offering. We're focusing on bringing much higher quality than the average WordPress host for similar pricing that you'd see with some shared providers. A balance of quality and price :slight_smile:

  • PowerQuest

    Alright thanks for your reply Ronnie Burt which seems legit from you just said.

    What about critical things such as security, backups and support?

    1.) Regarding security; our host have enterprise grade firewalls and application firewalls to protect the server environment they are hosting, (Application firewalls can be configured by the customers) Will that be offered too?

    2.) The incremental backup that is mentioned; is that real true host backup?

    We have for example direct access to our own hosts million dollar backup infrastructure (Through the R1Soft Server Backup Manager so we do not need any additional backup systems per see like plugins for example), which daily takes server backups of all our servers (full backup the whole server), several times a day. And on top of that they run an additional internal backup system that also takes backups of our systems so if our backup would fail for whatever reason we can always contact their support and they will do a roll back from their second internal backup system. So my question is if you are going to offer the same quality host backups or is just the standard "website only" snapshots etc?

    3.) Support. Running a business with mission critical operations on your servers demands for good easy access to support.
    Will you offer direct phone (emergency?) support access when everything goes wrong and down the drain, so that it will be corrected ASAP when reported?

    Email and chat support won’t cut it and then having to wait hours to get the job done, (While you lose loads of money waiting for a reaction from the support department) which is pretty darn frustrating to say the least.

    Thanks... :thumbsup:

  • PowerQuest

    Hi and thanks Flavio

    Not really, I'm just curious of what level that will be offered long term as WPMU Dev are going for a high class hosting offer that exceeds the normal mediocre standard, right?
    (But yes I do realize that the mentioned features are normally enterprise grade features)
    But even on the lower level of hosting, I think it is fair questions to ask because no matter the size of your business e.g. small or big these things do matter a lot, (security, backups and support access) and i think it is fair to have clarified what the WPMU Dev guys have in mind in terms of those subjects. :smirk:

    Thanks again! :grinning: :thumbsup:

  • Francis

    We have over 20 sites and we have been moving them from time to time due to server resource issues.

    I hope we can finally get these sites moved here for the long haul.

    - Dedicated Resources
    - One click Staging
    - CDN
    - Data Server Options
    - Outstanding Support

    Not so liked (or wishlist):
    - Custom access provision
    - Client portal (white label)
    - Rename backups for easier identification of restore points (same goes for Snapshot PRO)
    - Highly configurable hosting plans

    Also consider putting up a hosting roadmap so we know which ones are on the pipeline.

    Thank you WPMU Dev Team.

  • Brad Jones

    I used a domain and started a hosting account just to check it out. I know I am extremely spoiled since I've used Reseller hosting for over a decade so the limitation is really a challenge for me to be honest...

    My first question would be why you don't allow the Hello Dolly and Askimet plugins to be removed? That is usually one of my first steps when creating a new WordPress site. Anything I'm not going to use is removed for security reasons...

    One question I have is how you go about making your domain the default...when I type in the domain and it lands it provides the wpmudev host address in the url bar instead of the domain name.

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