Double booking of provider and time

I have just set up the A+ on a clients site. During testing l created a test appointment via the frontend user booking system and then was able to book via the backend appointments page the same provider with the same service at the same date and time.

Have l missed a setting to disable double booking.

Can l create a secure booking page on the frontend for the client to fill in. As they aren’t very confident with WP backend. Has anyone done this before.


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    Hi @bridie,

    The front end form will honor all existing appointments, but when adding appointments from the admin side, you can override just about anything you need to. This allows you to create special circumstances for appointments. So double booking is indeed possible.

    The admin could probably just use the standard booking form, then login to the admin side and immediately confirm the appointment.

    Or, you could create a separate page with the appointments+ shortcodes, and set the “Publish” status to “password protected” This would allow for an additional front end form that is secured.

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