double profile pages…

so i have custom profile fields set for the “models” who sign up for accounts. i want them to sign up via a page like this:

so when they click on an appropriate profile type, they are taken to a custom sign up form, much like i have set up at

model[dot ]theworldwaitingtv[dot]com/register

after they sign up create a profile, it ONE) does not post that they are a new user to the main activity stream at theworldwaitingtv[dot]com, and

TWO) if you view the profile at theworldwaitingtv[dot]com/members/avarymaye/profile/ it lacks all the custom profile fields. if you view the profile at model[dot]theworldwaitingtv[dot]com/members/avarymaye/profile/ it contains the profile fields.

it seems like depending on what subdomain you’re on, it shows different profiles…this isn’t really going to work out. the user only needs access to one profile, and the other users only need to see one profile per user. if there are more in the background, that’d might be okay, but the users only need to see ONE.

i hope this is making sense…