Down Alert Frequency

With numerous sites on the same server, the down alerts are coming too frequently. Can you change it so we only get alerted if a site is down for a significant period of time (like 10 minutes)?

  • Nithin

    Hi Bruce Walden,

    I'm afraid, there isn't any out of the box setting to make such a change within Uptime, as it's configured globally. Uptime in general checks for every 2 minutes, to see a site is up, or not, so if it's finds a site not loading during it's ping time, it'll report as down.

    What's currently possible at the moment is either disable Email Notifications for Uptime, or disable Uptime for the specific sites via WPMU DEV Hub.

    Instead of increasing the check time, improving the resources in the server side would be better, anything specific your hosting provider able to pin point for the site to go down? So that we could see what could be done regarding this.


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