Download-Management Plugin Suggestions

Recently, I have been looking for a good download-management plugin for a number of my WordPress sites. Unfortunately, it seems most of the options out there aren’t particularly functional/reliable. I was using (and, in the past, recommended) WP-FileBase, which works well, until it doesn’t (it randomly started redirecting users instead of initiating downloads which is why I switched away from it a while ago). I am currently using (though it’s deactivated because it was corrupting the archives it generated or served) WP Download Manager.

While waiting to see where this plugin request to WPMU DEV goes:, I thought I’d ask the community if anyone has had a good experience with a particular download-management plugin. I’ve honestly been tempted to use MarketPress (which is clearly overkill for a site which is merely offering free downloads) simply because I know it works.

So, anyone know of a good plugin?