Download / Media Protection (Membership) Query

I feel very smug, getting almost all of Membership working for a client of mine and I have an Open section (most of the site) for Strangers, a Standard and a Premium.

Client wants to show video on Standard and Premium so I went to Options > Download / Media and and created two Protected Groups (Standard and Premium) and selected "Complete Protection".

I uploaded 2 x graphics as a test, one called premium.png and one standard.png and selected the group by editing the media and using drop down menu.

Rules: On Standard, I left my URL rules in place and also added another negative Download rule so that they can't view Premium content Premium.

I created relevant pages to test (Premium and Standard)and everything works as per my test environment right up until the point I add my protected media, then I now get a dark / blank screen (when logged in as "standard1" to test it).

By the way, I also see the whole URL has now changed to my protected content mask on my test page (where I show standard and premium pages). Is this normal?

Thanks in advance for all your help and support so far, I've nearly cracked this. Next time, I'll give this to my develop to do :slight_smile: