Drip Content & Paypal Recurring Payments

Hi All!!

I loove this plugin, but i have this problem:

I want a 3 months membership with drip content (once a week). I´ve followed Siobhan (https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/drip-feed-your-content-with-the-wpmu-dev-membership-plugin/) instructions and it´s all perfect, until the payments gateway.

I want to charge 5usd a month, but none of the paypal options works:

single payment: I want a recurring 5usd x 3months option

Subscriptions: When i choose this, and redirects me to paypal, gives me an error (A2, T2 etc). I think it is because in the subscription plan, the first week is set to

serial 1 week 5 usd.

So… how can i resolve this?

Is there an option to integrate my own paypal payment page (which i already have configured)?