Drip Email Campaigns for eNewsletter

Team WPMU,

This has been brought up before, but will revisit it.

eNewsletter is a great plugin with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do what a complete, modern email system does — deliver drip content in a tailor designed email.

Automessage has the drip part, but no way to segregate into lists aside from members and site holders. HTML Email templates is a blunt instrument, and not for marketing. While AutoMessage and HTML Email can be paired together, they still lack the targeting ability of eNewsletter — which is crucial to success.

Please bring a drip campaign function to eNewsletter.

I also highly suggest that these three plugins be combined into a single eMail solution, preferably compatible with Gravity Forms, as that would really be an awesome thing. And, having the option to tie to the BuddyPress Groups Email plugin would be even better.

As it is now, these three plugins are practically a waste. Each one is close, but none actually do the job.