Drip feeding in Membership Site Plugin

Just wanted to make sure that for your Membership site plugin, I can drip-feed content by individual member of my site. I don't want to have someone who joins in 3 months be able to see all of the content at a particular membership level (only some of it). The rest, I'd like to drip-feed from the beginning. For example, someone who joins 3 months from now, will have access to certain sections/posts that may be "news" related as it makes no sense to drip-feed that content. But, the rest of the contyent in that membership level should be drip fed from the very first post/page so that they are kept within a sales funnel. The first four posts, for example, might be pure content, whereas the fifth post could be content and an offer. If the member sees everything at her membership level, then she's not going down the path that we specifically built for training and sales purposes.
I know that I may be making this sound overly complex, but in my mind (and I know most membership plugins offer this capability) it's quite straight-forward. Either a post can be seen anytime, or it goes into the drip-fed content, and each new member gets access to the drip-fed content in a specific order (based on date of post), plus access to all other content, if that content is not part of the drip-fed sequence.
I do hope you understand and can tell me that you're plugin can do this.
Second question relates to the ability of your magazine themes to work seamlessly with your membership plugin-I hope that there is that level of integration? Thanks for your help.
I hope you can respond quickly, as my renewal starts on Feb. 14th and if the membership site plugin can't do what I need it to do, I'd have to look elsewhere. Thanks again.