drip feeding on a daily basis?

Hi, after reading the tutorials for this plugin and going through its settings, it seems to me that it is not suitable for what I need.

I want to creat a 3 Months Fixed Term Memberships with monthly payment and 4 Levels (Free, Bronze, Gold, Platinum). I need to drip feed on a dayly basis (1 day after sign up, 3 days and so forth and integrate the members data base with MailChimp.

Even if I would settle for weekly drip feed: I could use categories for the different Levels, But how to do the drip feed then? Its a bit cumbersome that the drip feed is done with levels.

I hope there is something that I am missing? A work around or such? Please help.


  • DavidM

    Hi Demian,

    Just to check to start with, have you read through the following tutorial?

    While that tutorial was made in reference to a previous version of Membership, it's still very useful with the current version as the basic configuration still holds.

    I can't really see why Membership wouldn't work for drip-feeding daily content given that method. You'd just setup numerous Access Levels and have your Subscriptions move through those Access Levels with a 1-day duration, etc.

    As for MailChimp integration, you can utilize Remote Pings to communicate signup details over to MailChimp.

    You could also potentially use the following plugin to pull user data from MailChimp.


  • Gary

    No need for remote pings surely? MailChimp Sync does a great job of adding new users to a MailChimp list.

    Simply go to the Mailchimp plugin setting and set:
    MailChimp API key
    Auto Opt-In to "Yes"
    Select mailing list from the dropdown

    In fact, the more I look at it, the more I think that plugin doesn't pull from MailChimp at all, and is focused completely on pushing Wordpress user details TO MailChimp.

    Works well in any case :slight_smile:

  • Demian

    Thanks, David for your answer.

    Yes, of course I have read that tutorial. But still it seemed difficult or impossible for me to do this with the levels method. Okay, I can image to have like 70 to 80 access levels for drip feeding content for 3 months. But what about sincronizing this to monthly payment periods? It seems difficult because there is another thread about this that has not been resolved since 10 months.
    And what about diferent levels like Bronze, Silver and Gold?

    It would be great to find a workable answer for that, because I mainly joined because of this plugin.

  • DavidM

    Hi Demian,

    Just to mention, while you can use the Mailchimp integration plugin to make things easier, Membership's Remote Pings can be used to that same effect, they're just a bit complex so you might find it easier to simply use that plugin.

    That said, the thread you mentioned is a very old one as mentioned by Mason there. It has since been resolved and also wouldn't apply to the current version of Membership, which has been updated quite a bit since then.

    The levels you mentioned (Bronze, Silver and Gold) sound like they could be done essentially through individual Subscription Plans, though I imagine you'd have to create multiple Access Levels relating to each. It's quite a bit of work I realize, but it definitely seems possible from a technical standpoint.

    Have you considered that?


  • Demian

    Hi David, thanks for your answer.

    From looking at the mentioned thread I could not see that it is resolved. The fact that it was started more then a year ago showing no clear solution or sign that it is resolved did not leave me any other chance than thinking it is still an issue. (Tthat´s why I would say it would be good if you guys could implement a feature that alllows you to mark resolved issues.)

    From what I can see I can tell that the plugin is good for what it does. But I think it´s strength is not in drip feeding content on a daily basis. Sure I can build 70-80 access levels for each of the 3 to 4 subscription plans. But the process to implement that and keep it up to date seems cumbersome to me in comparison to other solutions, which drip content based on for example short codes or options on the Post/Pages edit page or special custom fields.

    Is this true or am I missing something?

  • DavidM

    Hi Demian,

    I'm pretty sure it would be possible to create a specific Shortcode rule for drip-feeding, actually. We can take a look at that through the feature suggestion forum if you'd like to post there.

    We've not received any requests to that effect that I can see, though it does sound like a great idea and in thinking through it initially, it seems doable, and possibly not complicated to implement.

    Other than that though, I think you're right, that you'd have to create a highly complex setup spanning those 3 or 4 subscription plans, at least given what I understand of your scenario.

    Not knowing the specifics of your scenario, it's hard for me to see how each plan could require 70-80 access levels to achieve a drip-feed system. However, if you think a special shortcode rule could work to greatly simplify that, we'll gladly have a look.


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