Dripfeed Membership2 Menu Set Time?

Hi, I’m wanting to show the dripfeed capabilities of Membership2 to my client, but can’t find any information anywhere on how to dripfeed menu so week2 doesn’t appear until the Page is visible.

The only info seems to be in this old post for Membership. Please update some info for Membership2: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/drip-feed-your-content-with-the-wpmu-dev-membership-plugin/

To explain a little more, I would like the Week 2 on the menu to not appear until Week 2 of the program, which should be possible and looks like it was in the original Membership plugin.

This is what I’ve done so far:

* Menu restricted: I have made the Week1 and Week2 menu items exclusive to the “Dripfeed Beginners” membership.

* Page restricted: Week 2 Page has been setup with “Dripfeed Beginners” membership to come in 1 Week after Week 1 Page.

Question: How do you make the Week 2 menu item not appear until the Week 2 Page is visible?

Or do you suggest another way of showing dripfeed conent menu structure?