dripped content following standard membership

How do I tell my members that they are paying the 1 time setup fee and then followed by a monthly membership the interface on the front end says

Name	Jumpin' Site Setup
Total	USD 999.00
You will pay USD 999.00 for access until September 27, 2015.

in the back end I have it set up to follow up membership up with the monthly cost
$ 999.00 (For month)
Follow with: Jumpin' Site

Is there a good way to communicate that they will be singing up for the one time cost and then have the default membership? Like could I edit the content in the box that says You will pay USD 999.00 for access until September 27, 2015.

screen shot included, would like that to change to
you will pay USD- (add $)999.00 and then have access until .... and then pay $39.99 a month after that.

  • Anang

    Hi @Spencer Cook

    Thanks for contacting us :slight_smile:

    If you want to change that text, you can change the Membership 2 language files.Membership 2 pro provided language files to translate, and you can change the text as you needed. But I don't think it will support price dynamically (for $39.99) . So you must change the language file if you change your price later :slight_smile:

    Other solutions is to build custom register page for Membership 2 pro using shortcode. You can create a page that describing your Membership plan, and you can use Membership 2 pro shortcode to pull Memberships data like price, description and signup button. You can find list of Membership 2 shortcodes in : Memberships - Help - Shortcode. You can start from "Membership shortcodes" section to display Membership package info .

    Hope that helped, let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

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