Drive menu choices from tags

Is there a way to make a menu drill down through a tag hierarchy?

For example lets says that i'm working with maps. (I'm not)
We might have the following tags depending upon the geographic location in the map.
Americas (global region)
North America (continent)
USA (country)
Texas (state)
Amarillo (county)
Larado (city)

I'd like a menu to be able to drill down through the 7 continents, dozen countries in norte america, 50 state in the US, hundreds of cities in Texas, etc.... eventually showing every post at whatever menu level we're at. So for example the if were at the USA country level and we choosing whether to look at a post of Texas, or keep drilling down to the county and city level we need to be able to do that.

I'd like to do this all off tags.

  • aecnu

    Greetings battle,

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    This may be possible with some custom coding using the Tag Feed plugin or the Global Site Tags plugin or a combination of the two.

    In addition, this would possibly be a great new plugin request idea.

    any other +1's for a possible plugin to provide this feature?

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