Drop Down 'Parents' constantly jump back to top

Please go to our site: works-words.com/NSM-WIKI/WP/wordpress . I have granted Support Access. From the dashboard, click WIKI --> ADD Wiki.

In the right column, under Attributes is the box for 'Parent'. Click the drop down and start to scroll down, as if you are searching for the correct entry for the 'Parent'. As you scroll down, REPEATEDLY the scroll bar will return you to the top of the list. You can never scroll through the entire list without it returning you to the top over and over again. Then, try searching for the 'Parent' by having your mouse ready to click the right 'Parent', and with your other hand type the first letter of the 'Parent' name, IF you already know it. Let's say the 'Parent' name begins with P. Start hitting P and you will jump down the list to every entry that begins with P. But watch carefully, cause if you aren't fast enough IF you ever get to the correct 'Parent', the scroll bar will pop back to the top. (sometimes you don't know the name of the correct 'Parent', so you have to read down the list to find the right entry - and you take forever to do this, as the scroll bar repeatedly goes back up to the top of the list!)

This problem with the Wiki Pro plugin has existed from the very start of our use of it. It has gotten worse and worse as we get more Wiki entries. We have almost 400 entries now, and often, getting to the correct Parent takes forever.

When I click WIKI CATEGORY, this doesn't happen. It will scroll down slowly or fast, and it NEVER jumps back to the top of the list.

I believe this is a programming problem and needs to be fixed to work like the WIKI Category drop down.

Thank you in advance for fixing this problem.