Drop down scripts, pricing tables, and hover overs


This is misc. questions.

Where could I find a script or a way to do the following:

1. As a example, I would like to be able to have dropdown bars similar to this for Membership and Marketplace offerings (and pages/posts as well)…how can I? (i.e. http://www.s2member.com/pro/ then scroll down to see dropdowns).

2. Where can I get really nice pricing tables (to compare offers I may have to present to prospects so they can compare services)? I would like to incorporate into offerings. Similar or better than this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/pricing-table-ready/screenshots/ (are there features already in wpmudev that will allow or other solutions)? Something very nice, easy to edit, and simple.

3. Where can I find a way to include:

a. A option to show just a excerpt of my offering or post etc and then have the person hover over it and show a pop up of the rest of the content that they could see and click on to keep the pop up in place so they can click freely read and click links inside the pop up etc?

b. A option to show a excerpt of the content and then have a nice “More” or “Read More” tab that looks nice and functions in a modern way etc?

4. In Membership, how can I show a table of 3 or 4 columns and multiple rows of boxes showing subscription levels rather the the standard set up of bars going across?

Also, in Membership, how can I reduce the amount of detail in the subscription on the Registration page so it only show a excerpt and they have to click on it for more info. Right now, it show all the content in the description of each subscription before showing the next (making a huge long scrolling registration option page…am looking for something like mentioned above in #1 on this.

I am looking for modern solutions that are easy to implement, edit, and allow the user to enjoy the experience.