Dropbox not working on Snapshot & remove local backup

So everything looks OK for dropbox but I go to my DB account and no backups have been made using snapshot.

I see it's backed up using WPMUDEV cloud (I hope) - is there a way to disable it from backing up on local server, which breaks the rules of my internet host.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey comms2,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    It seems like there's some confusion about how Snapshot works so let me explain this a bit first.

    Snapshot plugin comes with two backup types:
    - Regular Snapshots, these allow you to select what do you want to backup, files, themes, plugins, DB tables, or all of the mentioned, and it also allows you to select which subsite to backup when used on network installation.
    Regular Snapshots can be stored locally or sent to one of the destinations that you have configured in plugin settings, like Dropbox in your case, but these can't be sent to WPMU DEV servers.
    - Managed Backups are full site backups, it will include entire WordPress folder and all of the files in there as well as the entire database, it doesn't have an option to select what parts of the site you want to store in those backups.
    And Managed Backups can only be sent to WPMU DEV servers, it doesn't have option to use other destinations as regular snapshots.
    How managed backup works is that it created a zip file on your server and then it sends it to our server, after that is successfully finished your local backup should be removed automatically.

    Can you tell me if you're using regular snapshots or managed backups on your site?

    Best regards,

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