Dropdown login in my topbar custom css

Hey! I would like to get some help with my custom css. Enter this site: http://env.marbergs.com/ . I have grant you access too!

As you can see on the topbar above the navigation bar. There is a login dropdown, but it dont seems to work as it should. I found the css code here: http://red-team-design.com/simple-and-effective-dropdown-login-box/ .
I have tried to code it myself but Im not that good yet :slight_frown:

I wan't to do a few things..
1: The dropdown should work.Something is wrong with the code or my html. I don't need any help with styling , I can do it myself. Tho I need help with
2: The dropdown login should be beside the "menu" item. Which is also a dropdown.

You can find the html to the topbar in dashboard - appearance - customize - header - scroll down till you find a "topbar content" field.

You find the custom css here. Dashboard - appearance - custom css


Great regards