Dropdowns not functioning in coursepress

After updating to Coursepress 2.0.1 the dropdowns to add Instructors, Facilitators, and Students to a course do not seem to be populating any information. Existing instructors and students are still assigned to the courses, but I cannot add any additional ones from the backend. I have enabled support access.


After updating to CoursePress 2.0.1 I am noticing that I am not getting notifications for new assessments that have been submitted. I know that email notifications for this is in the works, but the previous method of showing the counts next to Assessments and in the course drop down on the assessments page does not seem to be functioning for me. Thoughts? I have enabled support access.

  • James Morris

    Hello Bryan,

    I hope you are well today. Thank you for having Support Staff Login enabled so I could check your site.

    I've confirmed the issue you are experiencing and have found some JavaScript errors in the console. See screenshot: https://goo.gl/ooeM0p

    I've tested this on my own install and was unable to reproduce this issue. I suspect you have a plugin conflict that is causing this issue. I see you have a plugin that use JavaScript to modify course elements (WWBI Answer Expander). This could be the source of the issue.

    First, could you please run a plugin conflict test as outlined in the following article? This will eliminate the possibility of a conflict with another plugin. https://premium.wpmudev.org/manuals/using-wpmu-dev/getting-support/

    Please let us know if this leads to a resolution to your problem.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Bryan

    Hi James Morris ,

    I have went through my plugins and deactivated everything except WPMUDev plugins. I found that the conflict with the drop downs seems to be related to Advanced Custom Fields Pro by Elliot Condon. I am not that great with javascript, or I would try and track down the errors in the console. I really have no clue where to begin with it. It isn't 100% critical to have ACF up right now. but I will need it very soon. I am going to open a support ticket on the ACF site about this conflict as well.

    I checked to see if this fixed the issue with the Assessments. It, sadly, did not. Thanks for you help on this.