"Dropship" Guinea Pigs - who's down?

I followed through on some old code and I was right; MarketPress is vastly easier to write for than WPeC!

I have a rudimentary "dropship" plugin written. I want to get some feedback on her.
- You can register a Supplier
- With the supplier you can specify all the standard stuff (name, slug, description), but then you also specify how to notify the supplier and how frequently to. Right now, you can notify a supplier via e-mail after each transaction with a hardcoded message; this fulfills a need of mine for a supplier who just needs my contact info for my account and the customer's info and order to process and send.

Local tests it works perfectly. I've got to tinker and get the custom messages in so you can pass your own data and then the next step is to have the plugin run a cron report once a day for a compiled/restock order that is automatically submitted to your specified rep. I want to work in submission to a service so you can specify a format and have it passed into automated services, we'll see.

Does this fill a niche for anyone else?