Dropship support; got the logic, who can code it?

Ok, so this is something I wanted badly for a while, had a rough idea how to code it for WP e-Commerce but the code was a nightmare. I saw others were interested in the same, I have a chunk of the “work” done, the base logic at least, just lacking the familiarity with Marketpress to make it happen (though the MP code looks a LOT cleaner than WPeC).

Basic idea is this: we can register suppliers within the system, which are added to items. Each supplier has a notification method, my basic idea is for instant e-mail or periodic e-mail via a cronjob at specific times.

On successful checkout, the system checks the cart for items that require instant notification, compiles those into lists and for each supplier submits the order and customer’s information, which is then e-mailed to the supplier, allowing for drop-ship support.

On a cronjob call, the system calls up all orders in the last 24 hours for the supplier’s products and compiles a list, which is then sent to the supplier, allowing for on-demand ordering.

So…merry Christmas some talented coder here; here’s the pseudo code/logic, all that REALLY needs to be done is fill in the blanks in a way MP likes :smiley: All I ask is access to this critter if/when its done. Or I’ll spend 30 hours skimming code and bending my brain a bit :wink:

//On Install

//Add uninstall hook

//Create taxonomy; supplier

//Supplier -> Name

//Supplier -> Notification method (Instant, Cronjob, None)

//Supplier -> If Cronjob, time to run at (daily run)

//Supplier -> e-Mail contact

//Supplier -> Nice Message

//On Uninstall

//Remove supplier

//Clear pertinant data

//on notified of approved payment

//Cycle through cart, suppliers

//If supplier requires instant notification of sale, add item to list

//Cycle through lists

//Compile list array into nice list

//Include customer information: name, address, e-mail, pertinant shipping data

//Insert into message

//Pull supplier e-mail

//e-mail supplier nice list & data

//On Cronjob (pass supplier id#)

//Pull supplier information

//Poll orders for last 24 hours

//Cycle through orders

//for each item of suppliers, add to list

//Compile list array into nice list

//Insert into message

//e-mail supplier nice list