Duplicate Blog Posts...


I've just noticed that I'm getting the occasional blog post duplication (one blog post in particular has been duplicated 3 times...) since using the Live Stream Widget. I can confirm that these are actual duplications as they appear as posts in the main dashboard. However, when I try to delete any of the duplications I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_blog_status() in /home/mydomain/public_html/wp-content/plugins/post-indexer/post-indexer.php on line 225

Any ideas?


  • Paul


    This is NOT the Live Stream widget throwing the error. The Live Stream Widget simply reports on the data. It does not collect the data. The Live Stream widget uses the Post Indexer plugin you also have installed. For now I would sit tight. I know the Post Indexer is being rewritten. In fact I need to update the Live Stream Widget to work with the new Post Indexer before it is released in the next week or so.

    For now if you need to delete/remove entries you will probably need to do this directly via the database.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hiya, just going through some of the older threads here.

    As it's been a little while since we last heard from you I thought I'd check in to see how you're going?

    Looking at your error it refers to the undefined function of get_blog_status(), well that's a WordPress Multisite function which is what Post Indexer requires.

    Are you running WordPress multisite?

    If you're still looking for some further assistance with this thread then please feel free to reopen the thread or of course for any new and related issues you are most welcome to open a new thread.


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